Faulty Honor

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Faulty Honor
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Status Success
Factions Involved
Krono I(ntelligent) D(esign) Wuxing Finnigan Family, Booker, Kitten, 'A'
Units involved
building security (not involved), target two kidnappers


The runner met the Johnson at a restaurant where they discussed the job and came to the conclusion that they wanted gear instead of money for the job.


The job was a relativity easy job as the target came out of the secured area without any cohesion of the runners part, as Wuxing an opposing party has done that already. Before that thought the runners did some "dangerous" legwork (dangerous from the runners perspective). The runners took advantage from this and took the target, this forced the Wuxing employed kidnappers to act and follow the runners to their safe house. there the runners were ambushed and a short fight broke out that quickly ended when kitten rammed one of the kidnappers into the water and killed him.

(this run was manly a lot of RP between the runners about consequences )


The aftermath of this run is that Wuxing has a bit of a negative view for one particular runner for killing one of their employes but other then that the runner completed the job without many issues.


u/Chat-Rat as Kitten
Rewards: 4k Nuyen and 7 karma

u/SilithDark as 'A'
Rewards: Force 5 Sustaining Focus (Health) and 4 karma

u/SCKoNi as Booker
FBA w/ Chem Seal and Ares Desert Strike and 2 karma