1.5 Limb Johnny

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1.5 Limb Johnny
1-5 Limb Johnny.png
Demolitions Expert Nut
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.March 4th, 2058
Metatype - C
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - A

Playing this Character


This is not so much a legwork character. His fixer can usually find a guy, but his lack of social and computer skills means that he is mostly there for support as needed. In order to effectively use explosives, you may need some information, such as the model of safe being used by the opposition and how thick those walls are.

The Run

Explosives is a marginalized skill because it has its own set of rules. It will be up to you to figure out how to fit your use of explosives into a plan. You need to be very insistent on being able to use your boomstuffs. Common uses are: breaching, distractions, and traps. Breaching charges are described in Run & Gun starting on P. 191. Distractions and traps are easy. Decide how much you want to leave in your bomb (Damage is Rating x Sq Root of Kilos used). A good amount is usually 4 kilos of a rating 8-10. This would give you 16-20 damage with an AP of -2. You can also choose to have it be directional or circular. Directional explosions decrease in power by 1 DV per meter, while circular explosions decrease by 2 DV per meter. Finally, decide on how you want it to set off. Various methods of triggering bombs are described in Run & Gun starting on p. 194.

Did you or your fellow runner take damage while running? Did you maybe get a little too close to one of your own bombs, as Johnny is wont to do? No problem! Just open your left leg, which has a Rating 6 Medkit in it! If you run that sucker wireless, you've got 16 dice to patch up you or your fellow runners, and 18 if it's damage from an explosion!


You have one weapon: A grenade launcher. And on the bottom? An underbarrel grenade launcher. The top grenade launcher has your Frag Grenades. Remember that these are explosions and will trigger your poor self control. On the bottom barrel are flash-bangs, for when you don't want to kill someone. When firing grenades, you do not need to hit the person. You choose where on the ground you want it to land and need at least 3 hits to land it where you want. You have 15 dice with which to do this. (To calculate this, we look at the limbs involved, your right arm has an agility of 9, left has one half of the arm at 9, the other half at 1, so an average of 5. We then average the two limbs (5, 9) for agility 7. 7+4 skill ranks [heavy weapons]+ 2 for your sepcialty in 'nade launchers +2 for smartlink).

You also have cyber spurs in your right arm. These are basically Wolverine claws. They do a lot of damage. You have 16 dice when rolling to hit with these (9 agility in right arm +5 skill ranks [unarmed] + 2 specialization)

Finally, keep in mind that you can take a hit! This guy has a ton of armor and a tough body to boot. Fully armored, you have 30 armor. When soaking damage, you get your 5 body, plus an additional 2 from bone lacing, for a total of 37 dice to soak damage!

Character Information


1.5 Limb Johnny is not meant to be a long term character. Not because he isn't fun. He likely will be a blast (Ha! Get it?) to play, but despite being extremely intelligent, he has one fatal flaw: he loves the explosions too much!


  • Blow more things up.
  • Make bigger Kabooms
  • Get money to buy better Kabooms.



10-finger Johnny when he was but a lad

Stole some firecrackers and made his brother hopping mad

Way, hey, tooraloora ley!

And, so the elder chased the younger

In to their backyard

Cornered the boy tried to use the bounty as his guard

He struck a match and light them up

And everyone buggered

Except for Johnny!

Way, hey, boom and up she goes!

6-finger Johnny a little older but still spry

Still had not quelled his desire to watching pyrotechnics fly

Way, hey, tooraloora ley!

So he bought a set of Fireworks

The largest he could find

And set them off in quad neatly arranged in a straight line

With no one ramaining too nearby

They all turned out fine

Except for Johnny

Way, hey, boom and up she goes!

3-finger Johnny a now eighteen gets the draft

And found a way to turn his booms into a useful craft

Way, hey, tooraloora ley!

His expertise second to none

They put him in the field

He was to set the bomb safely behind the en'my's shield

He ran up to the man grenade held high

Luckily all their wounds were healed

Except for Johnny's

Way, hey, boom and up she goes!

1.5 Limb Johnny his story starts with you

Will he live or be a victim of his own kabooms?

Way, hey, tooraloora ley!

Narrative Significant Qualities

Poor Self Control

1.5 Limb Johnny still has not managed to get a control on his love for big booms. Every time he has line of sight on an explosive that is going to go off, he needs to make a composure test. He has 8 dice for composure and needs 3 hits. If he gets fewer than 3 hits, he takes a step closer on his next action, in order to get a better view (1 meter at a time should do it). Then, he has to check again if he's close enough. Repeat composure tests until you succeed, then you're close enough for Johnny to get a proper view of the explosion. Does this mean that sometimes he will be in the explosion radius? Yes. Yes it does. (Don't worry, he's armored up enough that he should be able to shrug it off 9 times out of 10).

Battle Hardened

Your time in the army did do you some good. In combat, you have +3 to composure tests, so you hopefully shouldn't be blown up too much by your own grenades. (Composure has 11 dice when in combat)

High Pain Tolerance (2)

You can withstand more pain than usual. Losing multiple limbs to explosions can do that. It now takes 5 points of damage before you start to take wound modifiers instead of 3. You still get an additional wound modifier for every 3 after that though. (-1 at 5 boxes on your track, -2 at 8, etc.)

SINner (National)

Johnny was born with a SIN and served in the army from 18 until age 19 when an explosive "accident" rendered him unfit for service.

Reduced Sense (Hearing)

When you play with bombs too much, this is bound to happen.


Despite wearing really nice clothes, they have seen a few too many explosions, so while they might get him in the places that require a jacket and tie, they certainly don't impress anyone.

Run History






In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


Jonathan Rizoli (UCAS)

-Restricted Cyberware License

-Explosives License

-Foreman's License


Note that 1.5 limb Johnny does indeed still have 1.5 of his original limbs: his upper left arm and his full right leg. The rest are (really buffed out) cyberlimbs.


Wearing his Sleeping Tiger suit and the Greatcoat, he is actually really well dressed... for a guy that blows stuff up. Of course, that doesn't help him much, since they are all fragged up from constantly surviving explosions. He wears his goggles constantly. After all, you never know when you might witness an awesome explosion and it's not fun to be blinded halfway through!

Matrix Persona

He uses the default for his commlink, not being the most matrix savvy.

Media Mentions

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