A Ghoulish Case Of Heart Delivery

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A Ghoulish Case Of Heart Delivery
Part of A Ghoulish Case
LocationFrom Seattle to California
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Free spirits of Puyallup Saeder-Krupp
3 fire free spirits Segfault, decker
Helicopter Rigger
S-K Mage
number of other units
Casualties and losses
1 free spirit was disrupted


In which a commune of Ghouls employs runners to smuggle the heart of a recently deceased S-K defector to a dying patient in California, from Doctor O+'s clinic in Seattle.


The Meet

The team get individually called up to Doctor O+'s clinic, where the job is explained to them. Doctor O+ was operating on a patient that sadly died during operation, he learnt however that another patient from a colleague of his in california need a new heart, and is entirely compatible. Unable to turn to any official service to save this man, he turns to our team to make the express delivery through multiple borders.

The Plan

The team considers it's options : helicopters, forging papers, and passing through Tir or Salish. They quickly settle on using their contacts to get forged papers through Tir and take the heart container in Chariot's Armadillo, before taking off towards Puyallup, intending to pass the Seattle border through a known smuggler route next to the lava rivers.

The Run

Travelling through the lava streams of the mount Rainier proved pretty easy, however the group noticed on the astral a powerfull spell was cast in the area. They chose to ignore it and continue on when three fire spirits manifested in the car. The team reacted quickly, quickly disrupting one and grievously injuring another causing they to flee the fight and leave the team be on their way.

They get as fast as possible to Tir's border, where the team's sins are checked and some surface level credential checks are made, but the fake papers do their job and they are welcomed in the elven nation. During their traversal however the team picks up a signal from nearby woods, Sp4rks identifies it's source as Segfault, a technomancer he met on an earlier run. They team quickly receives a message saying "Give us the livery !" from her as an helicopter silhouette makes itself seen over the trees.

A ferocious fight ensues on every front, during which only the OpFor's mage was knocked out, to cut their losses they just pulled away, outside of Sniper Rifle range but still following the team. Soon enough it reached the outgoing border of Tir and the destination hospital, where they managed to drop off the heart in preem shape before the enemy helicopter landed on the helipad and found the team in the hospital. A short but tense confrontation followed where the team pieced together what happened. The OpFor had traced back the astral signature of one of their runaway employees to this heart, and thought we were smuggling the employee away when he actually died on Doc O+'s table.



  • 20k nuyen or 40k in 'ware up to 18 avail (10 RVP)
  • Doctor O+ (Connection 3) at Loyalty 3 (5-1=4 RVP) (10 CDP if you don't want him)
  • 2 karma (2 RVP)
  • NO CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, that was a bit of excitement caused by a misunderstanding(?). I'm glad that we didn't put down the other team that were after the heart's donor.

Not sure what else to add, aside from visiting the folks while heading back home was great.