A Peaceful Woodland Adventure

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A Peaceful Woodland Adventure
LocationCascade Mountains, Salish Sidhe
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Heart of the Tempest


People have been getting attacked and losing pets and even a small team of surveyors have gone missing in Salish Sidhe


Kyra Samaras wants an investigation done into the people disappearing in the cascades

The Meet

Prince, Babylon, and Tempest arrive and most people break their necks staring at the dryad entourage. Kyra is exceedingly awkward but lets the party know that they'll be going to Salish to investigate the disappearances. She also notices that Tempest is having an allergic reaction to the sun closes the blinds and offers her own blood to be consumed. Babylon plays hardball and gets the party a large expense account and passage on a corporate vehicle to Salish

The Plan

The plan is to make great use of the expense account to get temporary Salish SINs, jump into one of their trucks, and use news information gathered to interview the locals, check out the site where the team went missing tot hopefully pin down and capture the creature.

The Run

The news had little information to offer, and the party drifted into the town with their only lead. Babylon called Danny Hoffman and got a little extra info on the ares team. Ralph Clieve whose dog was snatched. Prince and Tempest bounce from fast food establishment to establishment trying to get a local to guide them to Ralph, before eventually speaking to one who could point him in the right direction. Prince and Tempest have a short interview with him, Prince asking the questions and Tempest consoling him on the death of his dog. The party later goes into the forest, electing to use Tempest as bait near the last attack site. And from the dark it came, a creature that no one saw and Tempest nearly failed to dodge. Babylon caught its singature and tried to get Prince to fire a tracker, which he sadly did not pack in his kit. Babylon summons an air spirit to track it from a distance and the party put their heads together to figure out what it was, before settling on possible wyvern.

After much deliberating they headed to the site of the lost ARES team, to find them eaten and melted by acid, the team checks to see if anyone was recording but their gear was locked, Babylon offered the info to Danny Hoffman in order to get what was known. Similar to a story about a deer, and the party decides to intercept it using Tempest as bait again. The creature lands behind the party, and goes after PRince first which Gomorrah points out. The party was aware of the incoming attack and counter-sprung the trap. The creature luckily went first, but Prince was luckily told to duck out of the way by Babylon. Tempest dropped a large ball lighnting behind it, but it hopped forwards next to Prince. Prince shot it straight through the thigh and threw its stance off. Babylon caught it in a chaos spell and a mana prism whose exit faced away from the party. Tempest next shot it with a manabolt, and Prince full fired three shots straight into the creature's torso killing it instantly to Babylon's frustration. She called in Danny Hoffman to recover the body and the party fled Salish Sidhe.

Prince was called up to lie to the Johnson as no one wanted DJ Wyv3rN B34tZ blasting out poison on the airwaves after they studied a dead wyvern. Prince claimed it had fled so that Kyra remained optimistic about nature and the Spinrad lost several thousand trying to track it down, as they did mention it was a mutant. The party would then return to the Seattle.


The party reluctantly killed a one of a kind creature that was a maneater and did not let the Johnson know that was the case


High - 16 RVP

20000 Nuyen - (10 RVP) 5 Karma - (5 RVP) 4 CDP - (1 RVP)

Optional Contact: Kyra Samaras as a 5/3 (7 RVP) Optional Contact: Danny Hoffman as a 5/1 (5 RVP)

Babylon gains a chip on Danny Hoffman.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Heart of the Tempest

It was interesting being bait, though, of course, nearly very painful. It buggered off, but Babylon caught its signature and we tracked it down. A shame we had to lie to the J about it, though... it would've been interesting to know more about it. The J was... very odd, too, but a nice lass. Cool being a full Dryad team, though.


I don't know who told our J that we were a bunch of dryads, but she picked them and set us out in the wildlands to deal with what we found out to be a wyvern. After a long time of interviewing victims we got an area of where it possible was, and it was a cloaking wyvern that was eating people. The plan was to drive it off or something, we weren't going to let a AAA clone it and make the wyvernrider corps, but my team hasn't hunted and didn't understand we'd keep driving it off and it'd keep killing. Maneaters are by definition injured, sick, old or incapable. Ms. Babylon called it poaching, but sometimes a culling is needed to stop a worse reaction. That stinger almost got me, and I know there was no surviving that. A win is a win, and it was a shot to remember, and I'm glad that I have two scale necklaces now.