A Quiet Neighbourhood

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A Quiet Neighbourhood
Shade (Iriodin)
5 gangers
Casualties and losses
3 gangers


"Hello there, Runners. I, need some people to stop some gangers harrasing me and my neighbourhood. Just make em stop showing up. Thats all i want. Meet me here: <link.>"


Runner were hired to stop harassment of locals of a quite neighborhood.

The Meet

The Johnson met with the runners in a bar setting in Tourist Ville.

The Plan

The plan was to stakeout the neighborhood and lay in wait for the gangsters to arrive.

The Run

The run went according to plan. Decoy challenged the gangers with his Ares Roadmaster intercom and asked them to state their business. They were obstinate and proceeded to become belligerent and Decoy gave the leader a warning shot to the chest with his mounted turret. After decoy gave them fair warning they refused to comply. Captain Freefall then jumped from his rooftop and used his leadership skills to win over a couple of their group. Shade then immediately displaced the contents of the leader's skull with a well placed rifle round. The gangers responded ineffectually and Decoys responded with another rifle round. the fight was wrapped up in short order eliminating the threat and completing the mission.


Three gangers took dirt naps and two were apparently reformed.


6000 nuyen. 4 karma.

Player After Action Reports (AARs)