A Seaside Escape

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A Seaside Escape
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Wuxing Shipping
Fan Yang
Casualties and losses
Winter's Psyche Supply


A group of shipping workers were falsely busted for smuggling, and fellow workers hired runners to bust them out.


The dock workers of Wuxing Shipping Company formed a not-union, forming a community and doing their best to take care of one another. Leadership of the company did not like that, and sent KE a tip for a smuggling ring bust - false, of course - to teach them a lesson.

The Meet

The runners meet up with the J in a dockside bar before opening time, where inside they meet a slew of very nervous dock workers, the J himself being a very nervous looking Ork named John. After a brief introduction, he explains the situation - five of their community were arrested by Knight Errant on bullshit smuggling charges, and he wants the runners to break them out. He offers them 6k each, but Pell and Wychking refuse payment, and Winter wasn't willing to accept all of it (though she did demand an octopus). Negotiations were brief, as the work was mostly pro-bono, and the runners are underway soon after.

The Plan

The runners scout out the location before quickly deciding that a loud approach would be inconvenient, seeing as it's a KE compound proper. Wychking instead decides to leverage her fame to take a social approach, and see where it goes from there. It brings up several leads that are followed through to the end.

The Run

Wychking and Pell walk into the station and talk it up with the staff inside, leaning heavily on Wychking's renown to talk to those she otherwise wouldn't be able to normally. After a brief chat with the receptionist, she makes it behind the counter to witness an interrogation, where she confirms that all the targets are alive if not quite fine. Pell goes into the bathroom to attempt her own espionage attempt, but that run ends up going nowhere as there isn't much to be done from within the compound. Following another lead and determining who was responsible for the hit, Wychking then walks down the street to a sandwich joint to speak to Lt. Maria Jimenez. Winter followed her to the store invisibly to spy on that conversation. Once more, Wychking leaned on her fame to pry info out of Maria, eventually learning that the one who tipped off the hit was the Wuxing (Sorta) Exec, Fan Yang. Winter called up Carlos Blanco to determine if there was any gossip going on in the area, only to again receive vague confirmations that it was likely the dock bosses. Another call to John was similarly fruitful. Soon after, Pell tracked down Fan Yang's socmed and played off of that to speak to Fan Yang's wife and get her in on a fashion line deal, by proxy getting a chat with her husband. A fancy dinner was had, and Fan Yang saw through the play for what it was really quickly. He offered an ultimatum - the worker's freedom, for three favors. The runners took the deal.


Fan Yang held up to his end of the bargain and let the prisoners go the next day, where upon the runner met back up with the J to confirm the deed was done. All parties refused payment, Winter herself refusing because she felt she quite literally contributed nothing.


5 Karma

Contact: Fan Yang 6/3 (8 RVP) at -3 chips. Can spend the 2 CDP on contact, to gain an additional 1 Karma in Run Rewards, remember to note on CDP expenses


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"This is why I normally don't go hooding. Sure, it feels good, but for fucks sake, now I'm the one in the damn corp pockets."


Aaaaaaaa. I feel bad for dragging Winter and Witchking into the deal. I hope that the workers find another job pretty soon before their money runs out.


I ended up with a fixer I did not expect. All's well that ends well; Fan Yang did us a favor and it must be paid in kind. This kind of reciprocation is only fair. I suppose I am somewhat happy that the dock workers didn't suffer for our doings.