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Scarily Perceptive Battle Mage
Winter Chill All Year Round
MetatypeElf (SURGE)
Street Cred5
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.December 26th, 2055
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - D
Resources - E




Resembling (and often mistaken as) an Oni more than the elf she was born as, Marceline is a changeling who rejects any conformity and lives her life accepting herself for who and what she is, and makes the most of her circumstances. Her troubled upbringing lead to rather poor social skills she hides under a fierce and scary exterior, but beneath the frost dwells a big nerd obsessed with trig shows, matrix games, and a myriad of awakened topics. She wishes to make something of herself some day and make those that impacted her life proud.


  • Making a name for herself in the shadow community as a powerful mage.
  • Rise up from the poverty she was raised into and achieve a permanent high lifestyle.
  • Bring the same uplifting of lifestyle to her adoptive older brother Samuel, the troll that raised her and took her off the streets.
  • Find out who her father is, and discover why he left her family.
  • Avenge her mother's death.


Marceline Morrison (Alias: Winter)

Born to a single mother, Marceline lived a relatively normal if poverish childhood in fringes of society up until the age of five, when Hailey's Comet passed the earth and triggered an extensive surge in her, warping her from an elegant elf into an extremely predatory humanoid strongly resembling an Oni and changing her life for the worse. Distasteful rumors spread soon after, putting her and her mother into an unsavory light as an elf who birthed an ork, until one day, a certain group had enough. Marceline's mother was murdered in a hate crime, forcing her to flee to the streets, where she lived among the squatters and the homeless.

She would have starved to death had it not been for the kindness of similarly unfortunate orks who shared what meager sustenance they could scrounge up with her, mistaking her for one of their own and welcoming her into their fold, until that too was brought to an end as gang violence scattered the community. Left to fend for her own at the tender age of seven, she fared about as well as one would expect, and was once again saved by the kindness of others, this time in the form of a wageslave troll that quite literally tripped over her unconscious form in the street. He took her home, deciding he couldn't ignore someone who so clearly needed help, and nursed her back to health and gave her a place to stay. Their relationship blossomed into something more not long after, as Samuel the troll was rather taken with little Marceline. He saw her as the little sister he always wanted, and she in turn saw him as the older brother she never had.

The next decade was rocky as Samuel had to provide for another mouth to feed and attempt to figure out how to deal with a sinless child who didn't exist as far as the government was concerned, but the pair of them managed. Marceline slowly grew into a fiercely independent young woman who sought her own way into the world and took shit from nobody, finding her own place in the shadows among those who would not reject her for what she was. It was among these people that she truly felt accepted, and it was not long after she integrated herself into the community that she became a shadowrunner and took up the street name Winter, honing her skills in a way the government would not approve of unless it was under their yolk. She would make a name for herself and make her late mother proud.

Minerva Morrison (Status: Deceased)

Samuel Henderson (Status: Dependent)

Wogan Umbra (Status: Unknown)

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Mentor Spirit (Dragonslayer)
    • This spirit took notice of Winter during her time on the streets and saw her will to survive and never give up, and saw potential in her.
  • Perfect Time
    • A side effect of her SURGE massively enhancing her senses, Winter's reflexes are exceptionally keen, giving her an almost supernatural awareness in battle.


  • Accident Prone
    • Between an absent father, dead mother, and troll older brother already much too large for conventional cars, Winter never properly learned how to drive, yet tries her best anyway.
  • Ork Poser
    • Due to the nature of her SURGE, Winter can pass off as an Oni and indeed finds herself more at home among orks, taking to their mannerisms.
  • Insomnia (Basic)
    • Initially a consequence of her paranoia growing up developed into a full blown chronic illness that's plagued her ever since. She has a good night's sleep maybe once a week.
  • Poor Self Control (Clean Freak)
    • Her early childhood served as a stark contrast to her times on the streets and taught her to never take running water for granted. As a side effect, she can't stand feeling dirty, and despises clutter.
  • Dependent (Nuisance)
    • Even though Winter has long since moved out to cease being a drain on her brother's resources, Samuel can't help but worry and keep regular tabs on her, popping in from time to time.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Mega Low-DownSleevey12 July 2082
Insider Trading Part 1mudgeInsider Trading3 July 2082
Pulse: DiscoveryTheBiggestBoi2 July 2082
The Most Urban Brawl 3: A Nice Clean MatchSleevey30 June 2082
Pickup and DeliveryArchtmagBy Royal Decree27 June 2082
Suburban JungleWarr24 June 2082
A Seaside EscapeArchtmag22 June 2082
The Enigma of Nodbert's Numerous Noodles for a Nuyen that are Nowhere to be NoticedWarr20 June 2082
Double-bookedNiven20 June 2082
Glow Up CityAurora20 June 2082
"Well, Frag."Isaac18 June 2082
Bug Out BagDiscoGoblin15 June 2082
Minima de MalisZerre de Seattle14 June 2082
Spitting in the Eye of ProgressArchtmag13 June 2082
Velociraptor Equals Disraptor Over TimeraptorCutier Than ThouThe Cretaceous Clash11 June 2082
Ordeal: Winter Vs. The Cult!Aurora, Mechanical Spider9 June 2082
Tales From the Grease VatPatGriffin8 June 2082
Promethium BurnsAsmodeus6 June 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Bianka Dreschler 3 5 Fixer Info-Broker Chaos Magic Magician, Anarchist, Paracritter Lover, Linguist Even
"Wild Goose" 2 3 Gear ID Manufacturer SIN Forger, License Forger, Matchmaker Even
Chet Hughs 2 1 Generalist Lonestar Officer Evidence Locker, Lonestar Tatics, Knows the system +1
David Carpenter 2 2 Legwork FBI Agent Wholesome, Hardnosed Bloodhound, Third Eye Open Even
Nerlithothep the Succubus 1 3 Custom (A,N,K,G) Succubus Sweetheart...You know what i want., Outrageous Jealosy, Voyeurism, Pillow Talk, Succubus Lair, Her Properties +1
Elias Wendell 1 4 Gear Talismonger Big 'Ol Bug, Talismonger, Loyal, Friends in Low Places, Early Riser, Hermetic in More Ways than One Even
Nameless 5 2 Custom(K,A,G,N) Ghoul Swordsman Christian Cult Classic, Underground Underdog, Judicious Judicator, Gloomy Glow Ghoul, Mana Mentor, EVO Encyclopedia Even
Carlos Blanco 3 3 Fixer(K,G,N,A) Town Gossip Rumer Mill, Tortuga Taco Truck, I Know A Guy, Corporate Lunchbreak +1
Lil' Enzo 2 1 Networking Mafia Johnson Cultural Connoisseur, Made Man, Low-life connections Even
Fan Yang 6 0 Fixer Wuxing Shipping Overseer Shipping Overseer, Passenger Line, Triad Connections, A Hidden Place, High Society Production, Awakened Goods, Dockworkers, Work! -3
Nobody 2 2 Service Assassin Extremely Driven, Perfected Craft, Trained Assassin, Enhanced Body, Seeing Through Time Even
Dr. Velo Clementine Raptor 4 3 Custom(K,G,N,A) Velociraptor Mad Scientist Dweller Dwelling, SURGEd Critter Scientist, Critter Translation, The March of Science!, "As a genius, I know what that does!", Zoo to Army Pipeline, "With my superior raptor intelligence, I can craft anything!' Even
Wusan 5 1 Service Overlord of the Seas Ocean Bound, Master of the Sea, Purifier, Trick or Treat, Caller of Tides, Ocean Awareness, Sense of Humor, Spirit Bound, Sense of Duty, Sense of Honor Even


  • Shadowhaven
    • An organization of runners based within Seattle, of which Winter is a proud member of.


(Ork based Gangers, TBD)


(Group responsible for mother death, TBD)

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Marceline lacks any formal symbols or signatures, but one can tell she was involved in a work by the patches of ice and other unnatural cold phenomena.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 A table of the previous winter weather forecasts.
3 A story involving a hate crime about an elf with an ork daughter.
6 A hazy image of Winter in a fight against gangers, revealing her as a magician.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 An up and coming shadowrunner in Seattle known for keeping her word.
3 A changeling elf who mingles with the ork gangers and can pass for an Oni.
5 An awakened Mystic Adept who specializes in cold spells and has phenomenal senses.


Kara Schaefer (UCAS - R4)

  • Firearms License
  • Mage License
  • Driver's License


A changeling elf, Winter is a 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs 162 pounds. She possesses sky blue skin and eyes, with long, spiky black hair that goes down to her mid back, and two pairs of prominent horns that grow from her head. The horns have blue ridges which, alongside her eyes, possess a glow that can be seen under low light conditions. Her teeth are sharp, as too are her finger nails, and she has a tail as long as she is tall extending from her tailbone. She always appears perpetually tired and has constant eyes under her bags, a side effect of her insomnia, but otherwise always looks at least presentable as per her habits.


Her clothing varies by daily routine, but for the most part, Winter tends to wear her armored jacket over a tank top and trousers that usually consist of cargo pants, and tops it off with a pair of combat boots she never leaves home without.

Matrix Persona

Winter's matrix persona resembles herself in the broad strokes, keeping her overall silhouette but otherwise consisting entirely of dark shadow, with the only features being even more pronounced horns and glowing blue eyes.