A Shadowrun Based on Home by AlicebanD

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A Shadowrun Based on Home by AlicebanD
Result The team recovered the paydata without providing information that could be traced back to them or the client.
Factions Involved
Casualties and losses
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A Horizon executive's husband cheated on her in a public way. She wants this mess cleared up before it impacts her P2.1 score.


Meeting at a fancy speakeasy, the team sits down for a drink. The client explains the situation, that a tabloid leak about her husband's infidelity threatened to hurt her P2.1 score. She clarified that she didn't actually care about her husband's infidelity, but wanted proof that he was manipulated by the tabloid. She directed the team to look into a media company called Drauma, which was first reporting. She gave a deadline of 48 hours before the damage would be irreparable.

On the way out, Captain Freefall's SIN was picked up by paparazzi on the outside. His SIN was that of a reporter, so they came in to muscle in on the scoop they thought he got. Purkinje hacked their commlinks to give the illusion that their boss had called to reprimand them for their behavior, and Captain Freefall was able to leave without the police imminently coming to collect him.


Purkinje searched the net for information about Drauma and the husband's story. She was led to a vault on the 96th floor of a Horizon skyraker, where everything was stored offline in datachips in a mechanical safe. Captain Freefall called on his contacts with SpinGlobal, getting them to throw a barrens relief fundraiser on top of the adjacent building. The massive speakers they used effectively disabled the motion sensors and glass break sensors that the team had to worry about in the target building. From a higher elevation in the adjacent building the team had reserved the night before, they zip-lined across. Stormcrow used acid spray alchemical preparations to melt the window. Usagi and Fletchette stealthily led the team to the room where the safe was housed. Purkinje scanned with her radio signal glasses and pinpointed a security worker who just so happened to have accidentally sent an embarrassing email to the whole company and fled the area without spotting the team. Usagi used an autopicker augmented with one of Purkinje's machine sprites to crack the safe open, and the team dumped all the datachips into a sack. They then returned to the hole, where Stormcrow had rigged the zipline to allow the team to swing across. They tied the safe to the zipline and smashed another window in the original building, then swung back over on it with Stormcrow's assistance. They met no resistance on the other side, aside from offering a small bribe to some staff who looked the other way. From there, it was a simple matter of blending in with the crowd.


The client was satisfied with the recovery of the paydata and transferred the agreed-upon sum.


  • 20,000¥
  • 3 Karma

Player After-Action Reports

Purkinje's Report

Téch, jumping out of skyrakers doesn't get any easier. It took a lot of legwork, but with some lateral thinking, calling in favors from a AAA, and a little luck, we were ultimately able to pull everything off. We only just scraped past the patrol drones. Honestly, if Usagi and Fletchette hadn't timed the zip-line trick just right, they'd probably have shot us down from there, and I'd be a bunch of blood in a parking lot. We lucked out with the patrols on the inside, too. I don't know what ruined that guy's day, but it wasn't me. We left as easy as we got in. Professional execution, quick and unseen. I'm satisfied with the job.