Aggressive Research

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Aggressive Research
Part of New Job
LocationPlastic Jungle
Factions Involved
Casualties and losses
None 6 guards, 1 rigger


Saeder-Krupp is moving to acquire Mr. Nakamura’s research the only way they can. Acquiring Mr. Nakamura.


The unfortunate Toshi Nakamura has been extracted twice already for his talent as a savant in the field of drone development. Saeder-Krupp was attempting to spy on the field testing of his Jorogumo Drone, but this was disrupted in the events of New Opportunities. The only option left is for Mr. Nakamura himself to be acquired and questioned.

The Meet

Herr Brackhaus invites the team to dinner at the Eye of the Needle restaurant, the team needs to spend a little time creating passable clothing for 2 of their members who do not have high society clothes. He explains the job to the team, asking them to recover Mr. Nakamura. He informs the team that they have learned the rough location of the test, as well as the time.

The Plan

Go to The Plastic Jungle. Gain entry. Locate the test location, and extract Mr. Nakamura.

The Run

The team does a few searches, and finds a little information in the Shadow Haven host about The Jorogumo Drone. They get connected with a merchant from the Plastic Jungle called Duncan, who suggests he can help them get in if they help him out and buy some of his potatoes (Because he really wants to show up Debbie). In the morning, LazorGrrl gets her fixer to contact Alexey Dorosov and she tries to broker a deal suggesting the Vory might be interested in a supply of real potatoes for vodka purposes. To really clinch the deal, Gh0st buys a thousand potatoes at ¥5 a pop. The only realistic way for that many to be moved is to invite the team inside the dome while the thousand potatoes are collected so this absolutely guarantees them a way in.

Once inside, Duncan who is now throughly on the team's side agrees to ask around and see what he can find out for them. While the team waits in Duncan's crappy shack, some unplesant domies set up a stink bomb near the tent, which the party notices and flees before the stench spreads. Unfortunately, they flee into an unruly mob that wants them to leave. LazorGrrl takes some drugs, and prepares for a fight, but the team manages to intimidate the thugs into backing down.

A Bee Drone

When Duncan returns, he is able to offer a rough direction where a helicopter had landed earlier. with that rough direction, Gh0st checks the matrix and finds icons for hundreds of drones with bee iconography. Gh0st hacks a drone to get marks, and traces the RCC which is obviously running the swarm program. They check the feed and confirm that Mr. Nakamura is present, seeing the drones appear to be pollinating the plants around the area.

The team makes their way there, and suffers a small amount of fatigue. Gh0st hacks the RCC to hide their presence from the drones, and bootstraps the RCC before crashing the Swarm program it was running. At this point, LazorGrrl shot the fuel tank of the helicopter and started a fuel leak.

Fight breaks out, Poppet goes down hard, but the team knocks out Mr. Nakamura, kills the guards, explodes the helicopter, and makes off with Mr. Nakamura.

There is some debate on how the team will escape, as the clock is ticking on their crash effects, and after exploring a few options, the team called up Duncan and asked him to help get them out of the Jungle and back to their cars. Duncan agreed asking for a ride to a mall and back so he could buy supplies with the new windfall he just made for his dome. The team is smuggled out in the cart with the potatoes, and loaded up in their cars. Poppit is woken up with a medkit, and one by one the team is loaded up and they head to meet Herr Brackhaus for the exchange.


  • Saeder-Krupp has obtained Mr. Nakamura, and is going to begin questioning and exploiting his skills.


  • ¥20,000
  • 9 Karma
  • 3 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Y'know, some say I've got an itchy trigger finger. Goes for combat stims, too. I dunno what happened this time, but I just couldn't sleep that damn thing off. I got sick of those redneck fraggers and their Deliverance horse drek. Ultimately we pulled this one out of the can somehow. Heh, I say "somehow." The solution was overwhelming firepower and plenty of protection. Sometimes being made out of metal isn't all that bad.


I mean, free dinner is something we can all agree on, but ugh, that one hurt. Thanks to Gh0st, the target went down easy and the opposition couldn't use their drones, but corpsec bullets hurt real bad. I barely lasted 3 seconds before getting KOed, even with the kami I was on. The plastic jungle is a waste of time, I'm never going back. 20 thousand was, really, only barely enough, although a well-paying corp job like this is probably something I should be grateful for. Vivian's gonna be really happy about this one, close as it was.


Never though I'd have to buy 1000 potatoes but I mean at the very least I can say I know how to farm so if this shadowrunner gig ever falls through I can go join a community and sell potatoes for a living.