Air America

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Air America
Part of The Farm and The Furious
Status Threat Level: Medium-High
Factions Involved
Jet Set
Shadow Weaver
Some dumbass yakuza mage chick
A very large crab
That lying-ass dwarf


The team made sure Sky and Jet Set actually made their sales properly.


Mint and her Redmond Restoration Project needed to make some sales, across the water

The Meet

The group met in a conference room around a satlink. The Johnson, Jet Set, was making some sales of Mint's goods and wanted some extra protection.

The Plan

Sit on the plane, make sure Jet Set's plan goes off without a hitch.

The Run

The first stop went wrong instantly. Indus projected down to the island to find 3 fire spirits destroying everything. Indus managed to barter with the spirits and got them to leave. The rest of the team went to a warehouse, found the survivors, and lightning bolted a giant crab, which they brought back a claw from. The next stop went, better? Jet Set and Sky got really drunk, got into a bar fight, and needed the team to come and save them. In the morning, the team intimidated the buyer, who was trying to scam the hungover Jet Set and Sky, into paying 120% of the agreed upon price. At the third stop, the team had Shadow Weaver do the negotiating and the sale to the Yakuza went off without a hitch. On the way home, Roadie took over maintaining the plane's flight while Jet Set and Sky slept. While this happened, Shadow Weaver, with Indus's backup, fought off a spirit summoned by the mage who was with the yakuza. Shadow Weaver then sent one back in return. The team landed safely in Seattle and got paid.


All deliveries possible were made, money, seeds, and farming equipment were got for Mint.


12,000 nuyen + Yamaha Raiden 2,000 Normal AR Rounds 200 Normal SMG Rounds 2 karma Jet Set as a 6/2 contact OR Mint as a 3/2 contact + 6 CDP OR 14 CDP +2 CDP (for the run) 2,000 nuyen additional if you don't want the raiden and ammo

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I really hope this isn't what all runs are like. This felt more like herding than protection some times. At least the crab was tasty.


There was a lot of protecting the crew from themselves here, as well as from anyone else. Pay wasn't bad though, and I got to eat some damn good crab, so all in all not the worst run. At least the Johnson didn't OD and die.


The crew is made up of good people and I actually am interested in planes / flying them after this run, but I would advise the captain to SERIOUSLY consider hiring a few extra hands to help with protection, because between a coconut crab the size of my roadmaster, an angry orc stripper, falling asleep on the controls and the yaks trying to murder you with spirits... I dont know which one would be the worst way to go.

Shadow Weaver

A trying journey, but a rewarding one. I'd prefer, all things considered, not to work with that air crew again, given the choice... but the farm girl seemed reliable enough, and her operation was certainly respectable. It... irks me, I suppose, to leave behind that backstabbing den of Yakuza morsels, but there's nothing to be done, really.