An Individual called Jack

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An Individual called Jack
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Raging Mad Brains Knight Errant
Beuford "Saint' Mcgill
Go Gangers 1x Receptionist
4x Officers
Casualties and losses
Ganger Riggers They all had naps


A bunch of runners break into a KE station. And then take out some gangers.


Pittys Junkyard needed more junk. Junk was Assembled

The Meet

They met Pitty at his junkyard and were offered car parts in exchange for stealing a bunch of cars. The runners agreed and took off to find said cars.

The Plan

Plan part 1) Steal parts from the KE impound

Plan part 2) Steal whole cars from a local go gang.

The Run

All went according to plan. They easily over came all of the officers and were able to take the parts out of the cars before backup arrived. Then they went in search of the go gang and found them in the middle of a street race. They subdued the Gangers and after summoning a water spirit to clean the cars out, they brought all the cars and parts to Pitty.


Pitty was happy he got the parts and cars he needed, and paid the runners in the car parts as promised.


60k Nuyen in car parts

3 Karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Great time, just wish I was more useful. Oh well i get to go shopping for parts for my bike.


Always nice to be able to run with Crossy! Got a new Roadmaster, and a chance to mess with the insides of a bunch of vehicles, which are both good too.


Any day I get to test myself against both KE and a fleet of go-gangers is a good day for me. We had a nice assortment of runners. Techies, myself, the mage, we all worked harmoniously and cleaned house quite well.