An Innocuous Bank Heist

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An Innocuous Bank Heist
LocationSeattle, Everett
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy
The Bank, Draco Foundation Draco Foundation
Bank Guards
Great Form Spirits
Swerve's Assassination Target
Casualties and losses
None Several guards and a shitload of property damage Swerve's Assassination target


The run was a totally normal bank heist, involving the theft of a safety deposit box from a bank that specializes in astral security. Except the J was with the Black Lodge, and one of the runner's was given a secret objective to kill an unrelated target (who turned out to be affiliated with the draco foundation) who would be present on site and destroy a second lockbox (which turned out to contain a mysterious scroll). The J also directly participated in the run as matrix support, and a gang of halloweeners were subcontracted to cause a distraction in the front. The run was a success, the team got paid, and the J got what they wanted.


The black lodge have been developing a new type of FAB sensor specifically against Drakes and the like. They needed to make sure that nobody could know how to counter it, though the Draco Foundation already knew about project itself.

The Meet

The runner team entered a bar in redmond where a white noise generator and a AR projector were waiting for them in a side booth. Knife appeared as a hooded figure, and gave details on the run. The job was straight forward, go to a bank in everett and steal a safety deposit box containing a datachip. The bank itself catered to awakened clientele, and as such specialized in magic security. The J offered to help create false credentials to get into the bank, as well as provide matrix support for the team.

The Plan

The plan was fairly straightfoward. A gang of Halloweener's would attack the front as a distraction, Bannerette and Canis would go in the back door and move to retrieve the lockboxes, and swerve would enter as a regular civilian beforehand. It went pretty much accordingly.

The Run

The team did their ground work and recon. Bannerette started by going to physically examine the bank, mapping exits and guards and evaluating their equipment. She found a front entrance, a back entrance with fire escapes and a staff door, and a building on the side that could lead to roof access. The possibility of entry from below via a sewer pipe was explored but quickly dismissed as the general level of security was assumed to be too high. After an initial physical investigation, several contacts were called. Sunglasses was called for information on building plans but came up mostly empty, Miss Moon was able to provide a complete blueprint afterward. In order to get more information on a target she was asked to assassinate in the course of the run privately, Swerve called Amelie. As it turns out, her target has very little trail and is asscociated with the Draco Foundation, information which cost the life of an informant to gain. Canis then hacked the host, working together with the J, to uncover any files of interest and other matrix scouting activities. They found, among the usual things, that security had already been alerted to an imminent attack by a dragon named "Wings of Ash and Fire", who themselves learned of it through a divination.

In order to mess with the divination and create a distraction, Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy was called and subcontracted to lead a small collection of Halloweener's in a full frontal assault. Unbeknownst to him, the runners would use this distraction to mess with the divination and infiltrate the bank from the rear. Swerve entered beforehand as a regular customer to keep eyes on the inside before everything started, and secretly to pursue her own target in the bank. Bannerette and Canis entered from the back once the bulk of security ran off to deal with the Halloweener assault, killing one guard from stealth before breaking through the staff door with Bannerette's forged keycard. A firefight ensued, with most of security occupied by the Halloweener assault (including the spirits). Bullets flew, grenades landed, and at least one guard got knocked unconscious. Towards the end of the fight, it was clear that they had the ability to regenerate by some unknown means.

Bannerette and Canis grabbed the lockbox, and where instructed by the J to destroy a secondary one. Canis went to do so, opening it and tossing it into a napalm wall that had gone up to impede their progress. There was an attempt to record the mysterious scroll with a simrig, but Knife managed to erase the data before anything could be saved. In the meantime, Swerve took down her target and probed his mind. She finds out that the Black Lodge are developing a new kind of FAB sensor specifically for detecting drakes and that the Draco Foundation has been alerted to it; She further learns, pressing a little more, that her target knows ways to counter this, and suspects this is why he is marked for death. She executes him and leaves.


The runners escape and lay low in a pre-arranged safe house, and get paid. Swerve told Lamashtu everything.


Knife (Connection 7) at Loyalty 1 - 7 RVP 18k nuyen - 9 RVP 2 CDP +5 Black Lodge Rep

Swerve: +8k nuyen - 4 RVP Everyone else: +4 karma - 4 RVP

Optionals: Everyone: Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy (Connection 2) at Loyalty 3 for -3 RVP Canis: Photographic Memory for -6 RVP, BOTN (DP) for -9 RVP Swerve: First Impression for -11 RVP Bannerette: Perceptive (1 rank) for -5 RVP, Catlike for -7 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This run went pretty well. We made a plan, and we executed it pretty much to the letter. I don't think it could have gone much smoother than that, really. I can't say I understand much about all this overarching politics and shadowy organizations, but I do know that the guy on the AR projector had a cool look and a lot of money. He even helped us with matrix support! I don't think I've ever had a J like that participate directly before, I hope he didn't look at my search history...


Goddamn magical bulldrek security and Johnsons. The run went smoothly, at least. Bannerette was alright, shame about her being a jarhead.