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(Fallen VR Action Trideo Game Dev)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.January 30st 2056
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


A Technomancer who specializes in Hacking and Sniper Rifles, who sets out to learn how he survived that deadly fall, who saved him, and why.


1. Find out who saved my life, and why.

2. Get revenge on the people who abducted my dev team and nearly killed me.

3. Make a lot of money.

4. Make Friends in low and high places.

5. Master my technomancy.

6. Learn new skills.

7. Get over my fear of Heights.

8. Become the worlds greatest sniper and hacker.


The Rise: Born in Redmond to local barkeepers, his family scrounged and saved like crazy to give their son the opportunities they will never have. As he grew up he saw the darkest and brightest sides of people and was taught how to shoot and program by locals who needed their tabs cleared, but couldn't pay up. Eventually, he noticed he didn't need a deck or a terminal to mess with programs and told his parents. They told him, never tell anyone, that people don't like those who are different. They also reassured him that one day the things that made him different will open doors for him. When he grew of age, he saved up the money for College Aptitude Tests, and scored high, and thought it was time to apply for Grants and Scholarships, he decided on a cheaper trade school rather than an elite college, because he wanted to make his mark on the world under his name, not some Corporate brand. His gifts helped him in Game Design school, passing his exams and compiling a portfolio that attracted Corporate attention, specifically Horizon. While he appreciated the offer, he declined the offer, as he wanted to try going and making his own company. He got together some likeminded graduates, and thus Glass Angel Studios was born.

The Fall: John Rodriguez was the Owner and Director of the VR Action Trideo Game Developer, Glass Angel Studios. They were up and coming, proving that independent media didn't die completely in the age of Megacorps. They released several popular games and developed a cult following looking for new and exciting adventures, like the Angel of Seattle, a Trideo Game series about a Shadowrunner who lost everything and fell into the shadows. He thinks back on that game now, with a sense of Dramatic Irony. His team was working on the final game in the trilogy when a Horizon Acquisitions burst down the door of the studio hosted in a tiny apartment downtown. John tried to resist and was shot in front of the window facing the streets, and was violently knocked through the window as the glass shatters, he saw a shadow in the corner of his eyes, before he went unconscious as he plummeted. He was expecting to meet his maker, but when he opened his eyes, he found himself in a Street Doc in Redmond, 6 months he was in a Coma. The Doc, Elijah Turing, told him that the person who brought him here paid in full, but didn't leave a name, before saying you must be quite a big deal for someone if they went out of their way to get you patched up like this. He said he knew he likely didn't have a place to go back to and asked him if he wanted work, as he could use someone like him, "Mr Rodriguez".

The Resurrection: John retorted, please call me Angel, Mr Rodriquez was my father's name. Turns out Elijah was using this Street Doc facility as a cover for his Fixer gig. Angel accepted the offer for work, and thus he became the fiction he created. A Shadowrunner, who lost everything and fell into the shadows. Turns out, making Trideo games about shadowrunners using technomancy and testing his products kinda prepared him for the real thing, as he was able to rather quickly earn enough for a proper place to stay within a matter of a week, with enough left over for some more professional gear. Now that he is all set up, his attention has returned back to solving the great mystery, who saved him and why? Whatever the answer, this is his life now...

Significant Qualities and Traits

Ghost in the Matrix: Ninja Vanish, Perfect Time

VR Trained: Hawk-Eye, Sharpshooter, Perfect Time, Did You Just Call Me Dumb?

Game Development School Graduate: Technical School Education

Presumed Dead: Common Moderate Phobia (Heights), Driven, Signature, Online Fame

Run History



Name Connection Loyalty
Dr Elijah "Snowflake" Turing 5 2
The Gun Fairy 5 2
  • Dr Ejijah "Snowflake" Turing - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 - Fixer (Networking)
  • The Gun Fairy - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 - Gun Runner (Swag)


Former Owner and Director of Glass Angel Studios



In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

The Shattering Angel: This is the trademark of the once Independent Development Studio, he uses this as a symbol of his handiwork both on the matrix and on assassination gigs. He sees it as his way of reminding people, that he isn't dead, just reborn. Also, it doesn't hurt that the symbol is now forever associated with Horizon, muddying their image.

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


John Rodriguez (National/UCAS: Deceased) - His Legal Sin and Legal Name.

Jack Russof (Fake SIN Rating 4 w/ Firearms License)



He wears an unpainted hockey mask with a Glass Angel Studios Fan T-Shirt and an Armor Vest /w his Rifle in a holster on his backpack.

Matrix Persona

The Fallen Angel: A angel with burning wings, with eyes closed, appearing as if he is falling peacefully to hell.

Media Mentions

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