Bannerette gets emotionally traumatized by bug spirits

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Bannerette gets emotionally traumatized by bug spirits
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Alfred Bester
Bannerette Bugs with chicago accents
Casualties and losses
Bannerette's emotional stability Bugs


Bannerette was tasked to visit chicago and recover some things for Alfred Bester, bio-data stuck in a safe in the middle of the containment zone.


Bannerette, before entering the military life, lived with her family in Chicago. She went away before the bug city incident in 2055 for boot camp, and her first deployment was to the city. For the previous 3 decades, she believed her family to be dead, having even held funeral services alone for each of them. However, unbenkownst to her, several of her family members survived the nuclear detonation and had been living all this time underground in what was once their old neighborhood.

The Meet

Cassidy got a call in the middle of the night from Alfred Bester, a shady black ops J working for the UCAS. She managed to maneuver herself out from under the wild horned bear that has long since moved into her home, and left immediately for the urgent mission. Having sufficiently scared the pants off almost every border guard the UCAS has in Seattle, she made her 2 hour commute from the cascade mountains with little issue. The meeting, as always, was brief and to the point. 30k nuyen to go to Chicago, alone, and recover the contents of a safe in the middle of her old neighborhood. Bannerette accepts, the faint hope she might find something more in the back of her mind.

The Plan

The relatively straightforward mission meant that bannerette just had to sneak to the safe, open it, and sneak out.

The Run

Bannerette took a train, operated by the L tribe, in exchange for some HE minigrenades to the outskirts of the old containment zone. Making her way with care along the silent, abandoned streets, she found her way to the subway station without much trouble. With the background count increasing up to -8 in the tunnel, Bannerette still manages to ambush a few unsuspecting bug spirits and hosts in her way. During the fight, a few good hits land on her, and she nearly instantly kills one of the hosts with a deadly accurate shot. The remaining bug spirits flee, but as Bannerette moves to pursue she notices the downed host looks familiar. On closer inspection, the host appears to be an adult version of her little brother Michael. She immediately abandons pursuit and begins medical treatment, preventing the host's imminent demise. She has a back and forth with the inhabiting spirit, desperately holding back tears, until she eventually resolves to call Puff for help. In exchange for owing a dragon an enormous favor, he agrees to help separate Bannerette's little brother Michael from the inhabiting spirit. Through tremendous effort, the young-30s man would be spirit free but still a brain dead vegetable. Cassidy agrees to pay whatever she needs to, holding onto the faint hope that something can be done to revive him afterwards, and Puff sends a helicopter to pick up Bug-Host Michael.

Continuing further into the tunnel to complete her mission, she gets spotted by someone camping in a maintenance tunnel with a lower background count. After a brief moment of uncertainty, Bannerette recognizes the voice of the woman telling her to back off. The two soon realize they are sisters, and the woman is actually Bannerette's older sister Molly. After a tearful reunion, and delivering the news about Michael (along with a somewhat surprising explanation about how Bannerette is a shadow runner and knows a dragon), Bannerette readily agrees to lead Molly and her surviving family members to safety along with the rest of their small gang. After collecting what she needs from the safe, she guides them to the train for her return trip, much to the surprise of it's operators. She trades her medkit for passage for the 11 people she brought back with her.


Bannerette gets emotionally traumatized by bug spirits (and hates them even more now), owes Puff a huge favor and is now firmly in the world of Dragon Politics, and recovers family she thought was dead. She also cries a lot, and organizes her home for more people to stay.


30k Nuyen (15 RVP)
5 Karma (5 RVP)

IG Run


3 chips owed to Puff

Dependents, Demanding (11 gangers, including 4 blood relations)

Battle-Hardened (2 RVP/rank)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


There is so much to say, but the words won't come... Mikey, my cute little brother, always so sickly and timid.. I can only pray, and have faith that one day he will be okay. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to forgive myself for not making it in time to save him, even if I couldn't have known... and I'm sad that my father and oldest brother truly are gone. However, I am happy that my older sisters Molly and Lucy, my older brother Liam, and my mother Francine have all been brought back to me. It cost me a lot to do what I did for Michael, and I'm not even sure if it will work, but I have to try. I have a lot of new things I need to manage too... 11 new people to take care of, being massively indebted to a dragon, AND having to put some real effort into training Sir Cuddles might be more than I can handle...