Bargain Bin Avionics

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Bargain Bin Avionics
Part of Clear Skies
Status Threat Level: Milk
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Horizon?
Sc4rl3tt Maxwell


Sc4rl3tt returns the circuit card she stole from Maxwell during a job at the Sea-Tac flight line.


During the events of Pilot's on Crack, Engines on the Lord, Sc4rl3tt and her team were requested to perform maintenance on a Sea-Tac security drone by Maxwell. The avionics card that he had requested the team swap into the drone was highly suspicious, prompting Sc4rl3tt to steal it for examination during the chaotic moments leading up to the team's ejection from the flight line.

The Plan

Sc4rl3tt kept the avionics card in a Faraday briefcase at home, as it would appear to have the same icon as a cyberdeck when closely examined. She took it into the basement of her house, which was also shielded from signals, to examine it. The part contained a fragile, purely mechanical timing and switching device designed to swap power, inputs, and outputs to a separate circuit card after 30 minutes of being inserted into a proper housing. She utilized a power supply to bring the card online and observed a strong 26.698 kHz heartbeat signal emitting very briefly every 3 seconds, presumably waiting for a specific signal to come fully online.

In depth matrix searches for information on Maxwell turned up little, save that the name was not in use by any Johnsons in the Seattle area until a few months ago and that he was actively trying to hide his association with Horizon.

Maxwell called her on the 11th of August to request that she return the part to him in any state and by any means of her choosing. She agrees to meet him at a third party location, and he suggests a coffee shop in Downtown near Sea-Tac.

The Meet

Sc4rl3tt meets Maxwell at the cafe and returns his avionics card without incident. Maxwell is extremely surprised to see the card intact, assuming that she would have destroyed it out of spite, and tosses her a credstick with 4,000 NuYen out of appreciation. When asked why he needed the part now, he explained that he did not need it for anything, but was attempting to tie up loose ends and prevent physical evidence from floating around. He departs immediately after.


  • 4,000 NuYen
  • 2 CDP
  • No longer on Maxwell's strongly-dislike list.

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