Be The Easter Bunny

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Be The Easter Bunny
Part of Suffer the Children
LocationCandy Store
Factions Involved
Felipe Chandler
Candy Shop Workers


The Runners helped Doc Chandler make some kids lives better by supplying some Easter good vibes!


Doctor Felipe Chandler, a child psychologist, was worried that some of his patients wouldn't be able to experience the chocolate fuelled magic of Easter from their various DocWagon clinics. As one man, Felipe can only do so much to help, and the DocWagon funds won't budget for it.

The Meet

The team meet up at a SoyBucks, where Chandler turns up in his usual Hippie-esque attire. He explains the situation, and gives the runners the location of a nearby candy shop that would be receiving a delivery of chocolate goodness and Easter treats that day. A meet location for once the goods have been recovered is established and the runners are left to decide how best to retrieve the goods.

The Plan

Several plans are devised. The main plan being that Kani and Harebuck would go into the store posing as the up and coming stars of a trid show shining a light on the SURGEd community. But a back up plan to just grab the delivery truck and run is also outlined.

The Run

With a little help from Tanya (in exchange for also helping SURGEd kids enjoy Easter) and Legal Eagle, to procure all of the documents and extras that would be required to pull this off successfully, the team made their way to the store. Following some very persuasive fast talking, the shop agrees to donate the entire supply to their cause, assuming that in exchange they'd be receiving some very positive PR, especially with the affected communities.

The Runners let Chandler know that they've got the Easter treats and head over to their appointed meet location. Unfortunately Chandler's been confronted by a number of gangers, all annoyed at Chandler for looking out of place in his Hippie attire. A very brief fire-fight occurs, with the team running the gangers off, downing one of them in the process.


The downed ganger is stabilised and sent on their way. Chandler gets his supplies and is able to give the clinic and SURGEd kids a wonderful Easter.


All Runners:

  • +2 CDP
  • +2 DocWagon
  • +1 Personal Awareness




  • 9 Karma

Everyone Else:

  • 4,000 NuYen
  • 7 Karma


Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Flyboy: Well that was quite fun. Made me feel a bit better about myself it did knowing their little faces all lit up when they got this chocolate they weren't expecting. Am I a little bit upset that I didn't get to steal their truck and possibly get involved in a little bit of a chase? Yes. But you know what, that's okay. The important stuff got sorted. And I got to shoot at some gangers being drek heads, it's a win win!

Hope the Doc's doing okay after that, doubt the gangers would've turned him away from his career and all the hard work he does, but musta shaken him up a bit. Ahwell.