Beans Are Good For You

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Beans Are Good For You
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven A group of random out-of-town runners Knight Errant, somehow?
Lil' Boomer


The team was hired to escort a bunch of cocoa samples. It escalated.


A Seattle-based bio-tech company acquired cocoa samples from Venezuela and the Svalbard seed vault. The team was hired to protect the samples from the Sea-Tac airport to the facility.

The Meet

It was a quick virtual meet on the Matrix. Details of the job were hashed out. The team then met at Sea-Tac.

The Plan

The team was hired as part of a convoy protecting the couriers transporting the cocoa samples.

The Run

On the route from Sea-Tac to the facility, the convoy noticed a disturbance up ahead. The convoy sent the team to investigate and to see if they required a detour. The team saw that it was a firefight between a Knight Errant squad and a group of out-of-town runners. The team went and distracted the KE squad. The runners then escaped. The team then forced the KE squad to withdraw, taking a lot of pain in the process. The team scrubbed their astral signatures returned to the convoy, then went on their way under cover of concealment.


The samples were delivered to the facility without issue. The team's acts were broadcasted over the public Matrix.


12k nuyen (6 RVP)

6 CDP (2 RVP)

Shoot First, Don't Ask or 4 CDP (2 RVP)

+1 Public Awareness

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Man, I always thought KE were pushovers, especially compared to the Star, but frag if they didn't put up a great fight here - turned a simple escort job turns into a firefight. I thought we would just roll over them, until omae with the electric hammer came out and smashed me in the chest, and I probably would have died if it weren't for a heads up from Sp4rks over the 'trix, and all the spirits I had bound coming to the rescue; gotta say I've certainly got a new respect both for console cowboys and astral support. Hopefully Oathbane isn't still annoyed about what happened on our last job; I'll try to be less of a slitch to her in the future, she's just a kid and doesn't need me messing with her when I'm sure she's got enough problems. Still, we drove off the cops without killing any of them (which would have just been messy and brought the heat down on us), and those out of town runners didn't frag with our principal, plus I met that Little Boomer guy (spoilers, he's fragging hilarious!) and got to gab in French to someone, so I'd call this an absolute win!


Gotta say this job had a weird begining, between bab's the black mage being weirdly cool and exasperating at the same time and Lil boomer who was just as confusing, i was expecting more issues from them than from the team. turns out, KE had different plans and was in a firefight with runners. And i'm not gonna let runners die today. So bab's and Lil Boomer started pounding at them while i pretty much disabled their guns, turns out mysadepts are not as retarded as they look because one of em came right at me, apparently pissed i shut down their team hard. Following that i was pretty much being shot at, swung at and magic'ed at by their leader, mysad and fucking spirit. i don't know how i survived that but gotta say, my car is looking real weid now. In any case bab's ended up convincing him to piss off, and i had to really calm down to not just shoot the guy when he fleed. I do have to say tho, i'm happy i took the hits and not Oathbane.

Lil' Boomer (LB)

Yeah. This job went pretty smoothly. First, this sassy little number wrote MY NAME down in her book of people to gib because I made one crack about her mother who left when she was a kid. Boo hoo--we all have problems. But she gave me a smoke, so I pretended to scratch HER out of my notebook, and she did the same. Sucker.

Then KE showed up blastin' some runners. I mean, the runners were there for us--OBVIOUSLY--but Lil' Miss "You went out for smokes eight years ago when you coming back, mommmy?" said blast a pig, and who's gonna argue with that opportunity? Pretty sure we accidentally ended up in a junk measuring contest with that fragger from Robocop 12, because he would NOT go down. Eventually he saw me getting angry, though, and turned tail and ran, just like that other runner team.

Oh yeah, and apparently the one weird elf chick has a thing for toasters. you think they have websites on that or?

Oathbane: Okay now this job went pretty far south and thinking maybe we should not have try to fight the cops...but that one prove he was a true warrior. and yes i'm still annoyed Babylon.