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Result The team was not only able to successfully execute the PR stunt but also saved Blaze's life from a real threat, without killing any opposition.
Factions Involved
Blood Tiger
Mister Sarcarian
Units involved
1 Ork Street Sam
1 Elf Adept
1 Human Mage


Horizon hired the team to do a PR stunt. A faked attempt at the life of action trid star Johnny Blaze at the promo of his new movie "Phased Mayhem" a pro-shadowrunner, anti-corp, blockbuster, action-thriller.


The meet took place at The Banshee, a bar in Redmond.


Shortly after the meet, the team got an anonymous call offering twice the money to actually kill Blaze. The runners refused. At the promo, after the staged fight between Blaze and his guards and the hired runners, a trio of NullNode runners showed up to actually kill Blaze. The PCs successfully put a stop to that.


Johnny Blaze received tons of sympathy and his new movie was a super hit. Horizon profited a whole lot.


14,000 nuyen. 8 karma. 1 street cred.

Player Characters

Blood Tiger

Mister Sarcarian

"Its not often i get to portray a over the top villian. The meet was nothing special.. The job on the other hand was. The J asked us to perform a PR stunt for him, attack his lead actor of the movie with intent to knock him out and have it appear as real as we could. We agreed after discussing the price and then began setting out to do a little recon of the "battlefield" but was interrupted by a diffrent offer. Some bloke wanted to pay us to kill the lead actor instead. Of cause we turned him down, we are professional runners after all. But nothing much else happend, but come the actual day we were ready. The plan of attack was simple, one of us would be transformed into an elephant through the use of magic. Then i'd ride ontop of the elephant into the arena doing my best Villian impression, on the way in we were almost spotted. But my quick thinking landed 2 gel rounds into the chest of both guards moving up on us, knocking them both out. I then had the clever idea to.. "Announce our arrival" to the rest of the place, and then it was time for the elephant entry. I have never had this much fun on the job in probly ever. We did our part of the job, knocked out the mark and one of his guards aswell but then suddenly a car strode up. Apperently the fucker who called us after the meet with the J hired Nullnode runners to do his work. We quickly got to fighting, after a bit of fighting we finally knocked them all out and without any harm comming to the Mark. I decided that the bad blood between the Haven and NullNode didnt need to end with more people dead or incarcerated, so i loaded them all into their car and drove them to someplace in the barrens where i lightly tended to their wounds, made sure they wouldnt die if i left them and then i left. I got paid and the team split up. Still to this day i smile remembering it"

Captain Freefall