Blub Blub Blub

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Blub Blub Blub
GMDoc Mnc
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Major Corp
Sting ray adept
Casualties and losses
none 2 guards, 1 adept


The team was hired on to extract the head scientist, Angel Lichtermann, from a under water Prometheus Engineering base. They were flown to Athens by a smuggler hired by their J. Arriving in Athens they visited the local crime gang and poked around before hiring a boat. Taking it out into the Salamis strait they dived under the water spotting the underwater base. Breaking in after a brief altercation with a turret Scrap penny scared the location of Angel out of a scientist. They then fought their way through the base disarming Angel and convincing her to accompany them willingly. Retreating back out the base after looting some of the scientists testing gear. As they resurfaced all the team, minus rooster, suffered decompression sickness, but after some slick driving from Hextech they avoided running into more issues on their way back to their plane. The smuggler returned them to Seattle where they met their Johnson and handed over Angel.


The J is working on the behalf of Quick Trigger Systems (An Ares subsidiary) . He's been hired by a team manager from a local Seattle R&D department. The managers team has fallen behind on their quarterly goals after a rival team undercut them at the start of year funding meeting. They're now making a last gamble with their remaining funding.

The Meet

The runners were each contacted by their fixers and asked to meet the J at "The Lidless Eye" at midnight the next day. Arriving they entered the night club, it's door decorated by an AR projection of an eye with a tattered upper lid, it's insides featuring a décor of mirrors and AR eyeballs. They found the J in a shadowed booth and after talking to him negotiated an additional 2k nuyen for their pay. The Johnson explained he needed Angel Lichtermann extracted and that she was working in a Prometheus engineering facility somewhere in or near Athens.

The Plan

After meeting the local Turkish grey wolves and hacking into the fishing office the team located the underwater base. Hiring rooster a diving suit they prepped their drones, modded one of roosters guns and hired a boat.

The Run

Pell channelled a water spirit before diving down to scout. While she led the scouting efforts identifying the bases primary defences as four turrets. After Scrappenny and rooster approached the bases external pressure sensors detected the krake drones ultrasound sensor triggering the base to fire a torpedo at them. the torpedo misses horribly. Rooster and Pell then entered the bases airlock becoming locked inside. Rooster cut a guards pistol in half with a sword while Pell disassembled a lock, removed anti tamper precautions, and picked the lock in under 3 seconds. Meanwhile Scrappenny blew a hole into the wall setting the base flooding while she interrogated a scientist, gaining Angels last known location. Pell and rooster fought their way through the guards and aquired angel while Scrappenny murdered an adept who had a sting ray tail, narrowly avoiding being dosed with narcojet. After looting some gear from the facility they resurfaced and returned to Seattle handing Angel over to their J.


The facility was destroyed and their head scientist extracted setting Prometheus engineering back in their research on the topics. However much of the facilities staff escaped alive and some runners (Rooster) were very visually distinctive.


  • 6 RVP - Nuyen
  • 4 RVP - Karma
  • 3 RVP - Looted gear (Pell took Karma instead of looting)
  • optional - Water sprite at char gen price (6 RVP)
  • Hex tech exchanged her Nuyen reward for gear, calling a chip from Bolt (an ex Ares HTR employee) to vouch for her in acquiring an opportunity to buy a Rhino from the Ares R&D department who hired the team.

Game Quotes

DM: "The magic here is incredibly Greek." Asmodeus: "Is it so Greek it defaults on national debt?" DM: "...yeah, probably!"

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

[Hextech] I haven't worked in Europe for a long time. I still can't remember clearly what it was I did back then, but I remember the myriad of cultures - Greece wasn't so bad, sincerely. Maybe... maybe it would've been a nicer place to go to if I hadn't, you know, been on the job. Oh, well.


That was very moist. That was also slightly perturbing, but it all turned out alright in the end.

Vibes in pain being only for plebians.


Eyyy, I got to go to Greece. We met with the J at a cool bar. The team was chill. I remember Pell from a while back. Hextech was alright. The J had a smuggler fly us to Greece. Greece had mad spirits all over the place, moe. Lots of fire spirits and lots of water spirits. Turns out, there's an anniversary of some sorta historical battle coming up or some drek, so the spirits are all wiled up. We learned that from one of the local mafia guys. We bought his help with some wine I think. Then, like, we raided the fishing office's data on where some fishing boats were going. We learned to look there from the cyclops mafia guy too. They had an underwater lab and everything out there, and the fishing office was covering it up. So we rented a boat, swam down, geeked some security, grabbed the VIP, stole some shit, and got outta there. The J got us our pay when we got back. Oh, and I got some boss boar stew.


Being somewhere in Europe and this time not dealing with my....never mind let's cut back to the mission. felt strange at looking at a place so backwards in time, guess I'm so sue to how it is in Seattle and dealing with my own world problems, felt good to be in a place so calm and least I didn't sleep with the fishy