Brodie J and the Flamesaw of Love

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Brodie J and the Flamesaw of Love
LocationBeneath Puyallup
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Most Extreme Urban Brawl
Nova Kid
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy
Most Extreme Urban Brawlers x 7
Casualties and losses


A love story where Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III decides that he absolutely must get with his number one brawler, Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy at any price.


Brodie J loves Sex, Drugs, and Rock -n Roll; and not necessarily in that order. One thing's for sure, what he loves, he loves in excess. However, Brodie J has learned from some of his exes that he might not be the love machine he thinks he is, at least as far as he believes. In order to lessen the skeeve factor, Brodie J has reached out to a competent crew of shadow runners to find out info on his latest crush; namely Kenny Murphy, aka Flamesaw. He wants the dirt that will make Kenny swoon into his arms, and agree to participate in "The Brodie J Experience". He know, this time for sure, it will be great for all parties considered...

The Meet

The runners encounter some difficulty getting into the club, as Vee-Jay is not about to let a bunch of low-life punks just wander into E-View. After a bit of whining and pleading, everyone gets inside, to witness Brodie J in all his gloriousness, tossing drugs to the crowd and reveling in his own awesomeness. Joining them at their table, and after a solid round of consensual drug use, Brodie explains his concerns with dating, his interest in Kenny, and his willingness to pay the crew well for their assistance in the matter.

The Plan

The crew decides to head on over to the Urban Brawl area, located beneath Puyallup at a specialized crossroad where a specific keycode is required to enter the zone. Once there, they plan to find Kenny, question him about his relationship likes, dislikes, and goals, and hopefully set him up on a date with Brodie J.

The Run

Entering the Urban Brawl Arena, the team realizes that they are interrupting a match in progress, as several Urban Brawlers seem to be trapped at the base of the ramp. A series of grenades fly in to the hapless brawlers, and drops them all in place, a hint of the violence inherent in the dangerous game. Noticing Kenny Murphy still active on the floor, the runners rush to his side and ask if they can help. Kenny states that since his team is down, he needs a new team to win the game with. Reluctantly agreeing, the runners tell Kenny that for their help he will have to answer some personal questions and commit to a date with his boss Brodie J, to which he reluctantly agrees in turn. Readying themselves for all hell to break loose, the wary runners move forward to engage their foes.

Tahki is the first to cause any major damage to the enemy brawlers, casting a massive Opium Den spell at them, wrapping them up in the throes of passion and pleasure. Unfortunately for her, this garners her the lion share of aggressive retaliation, as she is riddled with bullets and brought down in a hail of stunning force. Ace, ever the professional, lobs grenades, fires his assault rifle, and patches up Tahki with a stim patch, barking orders at the team to keep the firefight controlled and professional. Scrappenny orders his drones into the fight, but they seem a tad ineffective against their heavily armored opponents, firing their weapons to little effect. Nova Kid engages the enemy decker, keeping him busy and eventually defeating him, as well as several weapons on the field of battle. Fidem not to be outdone, wields a massive sword against her foes, slicing and dicing with wild abandon. The fight is wild and unruly, and nothing more wild that Flamesaw himself, as he cuts through his enemies with his flaming saw of death. The enemy forces swiftly succumb to the superior power of the shadow runners, and the victory is swift and certain.


Having won the match, Kenny agrees to fill out a dating app to send to Brodie J, and is also willing to meet up with his boss to plan for their eventual date. The team escorts him back to E-View, and watches in bemused hilarity as the shenanigans start to get hot and heavy. Realizing that their job is well completed, they take their rewards and depart, satisfied that somebody is in store for a "Happy Ending."


  • 14k Nuyen
  • 6 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • Optional Contacts:
  • Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy (Connection 2) at loyalty 3 for -4 RVP
  • Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III (Connection 4) at loyalty 3 for -6 RVP
  • Unsurprisingly, Explosions Take 13 GMP for playing a pre-gen

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Why is it always geek the mage first? I mean really, we're not all THAT powerful, all things considered. You guys need to lighten up against the magic support, I'm just saying. Glad to see this one through however, nothing like a little chaos in an established relationship to spice things up!"


Put this under 'The Resume' as Ace is an operator. *Attached is POV of Ace hitting the fire HE grenade on the group and it detonating when caught with the caption: Hit First hit hard/ If there's no mage Geek The Decker First, it is followed by Ace dropping another UBS member with EX-EX rounds and Ace stimming a very blurred out and unrecognizable Tahki with the tagline: Protect your mage from GTMF tactics* "Good work Terry, for once the run wasn't a nightmare where I was pulling some 'I stand alone' crank. It's a bit much to have dropped some people over a date. However I'm not in a position to be picking and choosing what I do. Oh you found us the single person who still gives a toss about monogamy in 2081, I'd be impressed if it weren't so worrying that people still care,"


While I was glad to be there to help keep Kenneth's original team from dying in that pit, I find the use of battle for sport rather gauche. I was taught that when I take up the blade, it should be for the Lord's work, and this was certainly not that. I also am not a fan of Kamikaze, as useful as it is, it does not assist my demeanor. I was glad that Brodie was able to meet with Kenneth and the two of them seemed to kick things off, though I wonder if this was meddling where it was not required.


OK OK this was awesome I have never thought I would be able to do something like this, drawing of the barons I'm quite used to holding people hostage stuff like that you know minor crimes nothing like this we got to fight in an urban brawl and was able to test my combat protocol on my drones which was really awesome it's just that they were put against people who were heavily armored meaning they were able to Dodge my drones being able to engage them but Luckily it was enough information provided I can hopefully boost the drones combat capability next time .awesome never met a corp who gave out drugs very very good drugs expecially stuff that we really needed for the time and of course yeah the troll with the flaming chainsaw he was awesome .he was asked