Campbell Scandal

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Date: 2082-09-06 By: Live News Segment

A tall, almost wispy man in a navy blue suit shuffles down the marble steps of a government building, flanked by augmented bodyguards in formal clothing.  He is surrounded by reporters, pressing in with microphones and their holographic AR feeds.  The all-human bodyguard entourage shoulder their way through the reporters, escoring the man to an armored car;  the VIP answers no questions.  A female voice-over speaks.

"Linda Abrams here, reporting for Horizon. You are watching James T. Campbell, Seattle State Legislator, cutting short his participation at the 'UCAS Citizen's Summit' here in Boston."
An off-screen voice interjects. "We witnessed his spokesman earlier stating that the Congressman is returning home to Seattle to answer the 'scurrilous, false' charges against him. Any sign of a press conference, Linda?"
"None whatsoever, Dave. Campbell has not-"

The camera is abruptly obscured by a bulky man in shades and wearing an earpiece.  His glove and cuffs don't quite hide a chrome arm.  A palm shoves towards the screen, and the feed tilts abruptly before cutting off.  When the feed resumes, it returns to a blandly-dressed man sitting at a studio with combed-back black hair and the solemn expression of newscasting.

Dave: "Thank you, Linda."

He turns, facing the camera.

Dave: "For the viewers just joining us, explosive allegations concerning popular Seattle congressman Jeremiah Campbell."

An insert of Campbell's face appears on the feed, chin lifted at a dignified angle precisely calibrated by focus-group feedback.

Dave: "The leader of the 'Family First' caucus has been accused of associations with the 'Seventh Seal' religious group, an organization accused of instigating violence against Seattle residents on the basis of metatype and SURGE qualities."

The inset is replaced by a video-in-video feed of of a man in a KE uniform, speaking behind a podium.

Dave: "Further, we have just received word that Knight Errant Captain David Squire is opening an official inquiry into irregularities concerning Campbell's campaign fund expenditures."

The inset is replaced by the 'Family First' caucus logo - a human woman carrying a child, surrounded by an aura and flanked by family members that could have been pulled out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Dave: "These revelations come at a sensitive time for the congressman, who has recently been pushing signature legislation to be voted on in the coming session. More on this story as it develops..."

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