Capitalism Ho!

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Capitalism Ho!
LocationVarious Locations, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved


Hedge had two tankers of FAB III to offload, but her buyer, Crazy Otter, was missing. He had been kidnapped by the gang who loaned him the money to buy Hedge’s shipment. It turned out that, if the sale went through, there was no way Otter would recoup enough nuyen to repay them. With a bit of creative accounting, an outside buyer, some smooth talking, and a few shenanigans involving hand-to-hand combat and a hovering hellhound, the team managed to rescue Crazy Otter and get Hedge paid. And Indus made a side deal allowing her to finally give up the shadows and turn to a life of tranquil talismongering.


A team of runners absconded with two tankers of FAB 3 from Federated Boeing. It was not what they were hired to do--it was a "target of opportunity", as the operations experts would say--so they had not fully considered what to do with the tankers once they got away. Enter Hedge the Humble Fence. The runners were desperate to sell, so Hedge got a great deal on a metric drek tonne of the stuff. She managed to line up a buyer for the whole shipment. Great, right? Yeah. Until that buyer stopped taking her calls, and seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet....

The Meet

Hedge sent the ShadowHaven crew location coordinates to a coffee shop in the warehouse district of Tacoma. She met them in the shop and offered them each a beverage of their choice before getting down to business.

The situation, as she explained it, was this: she had two extremely hot tanker trucks full of FABIII, the weaponized version of a genetically engineered awakened bacteria that is extraordinarily hazardous to awakened and astral beings. She had a buyer, Crazy Otter (of the Crime Mall's famed Crazy Otter's magical supply shop), but he had gone missing. It was not like Otter to renege on a deal. Hedge wanted the runners to track him down, rescue him from whatever mess he had invariably gotten himself into, and do it all before the timer lapsed on the escrow deal. She had 50k nuyen budgeted for the job, 10k per runner. Skein negotiated her into an additional 10k slush fund for operational costs, with anything left over to be divided among the runners. The runners accepted the job.

The Run

Coming Soon!


The team arranged the transfer of funds and FAB between Hedge and Jane Doe. The escrow failed, returning Crazy Otter's funds to his account. HAZMatilda then made sure that all of his debts were paid, and set about solidifying the rather entrepreneurially inept shopkeeper's business practices. She sold her Snohomish shop to Indus, who said her fond farewells to the shadowrunning life and became a talismongerer in her own right. And the runners got paid. Everyone except for Roadie, who muttered something about "helping a friend" as he slid both the credstick containing his fee and his portion of the 2k nuyen slush fund back across the table to Hedge.



  • Retires with her own shop in Snohomish, purchased from HAZMATilda.

Fortuna | Houston | Skein

  • 12,000 Nuyen
  • 6 Karma



  • 2 CDP
  • (Optional) Spend 2 RVP for HAZMATilda at 2/1.

Player After Action Reports (pAARs)


That... it... was... a run... but everyone was happy in the end, so I guess all is well when it ends well. Sad to see Indus go, she was a good runner and I hope I can drop by her shop soon.