Coffee Run

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Coffee Run
Location405 between SeaTac and Newport
Econolivery (An Evo subsidiary)
Ecostruct Llc's Coffee (An Evo subsidiary)
Casualties and losses
Econolivery's Delivery Van
Econolivery Rigger
Ecostruct's New UI Deadline


The Johnson wants a team of runners to steal EVO-branded Artisanal Transgenic Coffee before it gets to Ecostruct Llc three days before their product demonstration of the new Stirrup Interface UI, and funds said run by using Kickstarter.

The Meet


The team arrives at a Taco Templet to meet the Johnson, who shows up a few minutes late and is completely flustered. He honestly has no idea how to properly hire a Shadowrun team, though he does offer the team 8k nuyen each with a 2k bonus for livestreaming their exploits. After a brief look on Kickstarter, the team discovers that the Johnson has extra funds with which to pay the team another 2k each on top of everything else, and convinces him to pony up. The Johnson also asks the team to do four of six extra requirements for the run, to please the Kickstarter backers: tag the truck with 'Kilroy Was Here', live-stream their execution, tag the road and signs with gang signs of The Leather Devils, dump large amounts of donuts out the back of their vehicle during a police chase, get a meme on-air, and using a specific very descript vehicle (a vehicle with neon pink 'Fuck Tha Cops' lettering and a pig dressed in a KE uniform, complete with AROs, on the sides). After the meet the party went to Tunguska's Bomb Shack in Wildman's car (which was grudgingly accepted by Jezebel, who didn't want to be seen with this party).

The Plan

After some debate, the team decides to use the descript vehicle, get the meme on air, tag 'Kilroy Was Here' on the target's vehicle, and live-stream their execution. They decide that a fake construction site will be sufficient to stop the vehicle on the 405, and then they will transfer the coffee to the descript vehicle before making their escape. They also collect some stale donuts from a few Sacrifritter (an Aztechnology subsidiary started in Sacremento) dumpsters, in case a chase happens, during which Wildman in bear-form is spotted by News Van Dan both stealing donuts and then driving a car. These are then loaded with explosives by Tunguska, just in case.

The Run

Cheshire uses Trid Phantasm to create a fake construction site across three lanes of the 405, which causes a minor traffic incident and causes stop-and-go traffic. Due to the heavy traffic, the delivery van the team is hitting arrives later than expected, though Wildman in bear-form and Jezebel are able to remain hidden in the fake construction site while Cheshire watches from overhead and Tunguska waits in the descript vehicle. When the delivery van finally arrives, Jezebel tricks the guards who are inside of it to leave their vehicle by claiming that she is there to relieve them, though one of the guards calls in to dispatch that they met their replacements. Dispatch, however, is not amused.

Jezebel quickly gets into their van, when suddenly it takes off without input from her. Wildman runs out of the fake construction site and attacks the windshield, but isn't able to penetrate the armored glass in a single hit. Shortly thereafter, a Fire spirit materializes inside the delivery van. Cheshire summons a Plant spirit and has it attack the Fire spirit on the astral plane while Wildman manages to punch through the windshield of the van and Jezebel destroys the Rigger Interface. The Plant spirit attacks the Fire spirit along with Wildman, and together they destroy the Fire spirit. Tunguska quickly brings the descript vehicle around and a bear and a materialized Plant spirit begin to load it with coffee from the delivery van under direction of Jezebel. Meanwhile, Cheshire changes the construction site into a giant dolphin shouting 'EEE!', a meme referencing Enzyme Entertainment Experiments. This is caught on camera by News Van Dan who was stuck in traffic a few cars back. However, the shared emotion of all of these people stuck in their cars watching what is clearly an experimental art piece causes a rating 1 Background Count, so the team decides to leave quickly.


Tunguska floors the descript vehicle and they're almost caught by Knight Errant as they make their way to Redmond, but luckily they manage to pull into an alleyway before the Knight Errant personnel see them. They meet up with the Johnson, who is pleased that they were able to steal the coffee right before Ecostruct's crunch time for the rollout of their new UI. He gives each runner a bag of Artisanal Transgenic Coffee, in addition to their pay.



  • ¥12,000 (6 RVP)
  • 6 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • 5 doses of Long Haul
  • Ability to purchase up to ¥2000 worth of Long Haul at a 50% discount

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Yowzers! Had my feet held to the fire on this one, if you catch my drift! None of us really knew tech that much, and we ended up getting in a real bad jam with some corp rigger and a fire spirit! He wasn't expecting me to be inside the car by the time he noticed something was wrong though, so a well-placed shot through the dash was enough to give him a real nasty shock! The big bear saved me from that fiery mess, though. I'm real thankful for that, otherwise I'da been burnt toast then and there! I actually thought about tucking and rolling for a minute. The pixie fella did real well with that illusion too, and the bomb guy did a great job of driving the getaway van. I'm a little sad we didn't get to feed the pigs, but hey - money's money, bub.