Down the Rabbit Hole

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Down the Rabbit Hole
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
Madame Butterfly
Renraku Sader-Krup
Jenny Glitz
Camela Konig


Camela Konig, an exec with Saeder-Krupp, finds evidence of Usagi in Seattle after his involvement in the death of a dragon. Curious! He was supposed to sell secrets of bioware to S-K from Renraku years ago? It was about time he made good on his promise by breaking into a black site. This was worth his life, his daughter's life, his partner's life, the life of the Shadow Haven - right?


Once upon a time, a man by the name of Soji Haijime was accused of stealing bioware technology from Renraku. While innocent of the crime, he was forced to run or face death at the hands of his employer. He chose to run and try and put his past behind him.

At the time, a Sader-Krup mid tier wage slave came across details of an upcoming corporate espionage that no one at Saeder-Krupp had actually planned. It was obvious to her that this was a plant of some kind; it wasn't large enough for anyone else to even notice then. Her name was Camela Konig.

The events that lead to the death of a Corporate Court Dragon in Detroit caugh Camela's eye some years later as it was all anyone could talk about for a week or more. The intervening time had been kind to Konig - she'd gone from a middle manager to the Director of Biotech Research for S-K in North America. This was definitely not the corp's area of expertise and Konig had labored hard and long for the division to be put into existence. Curious as always, Konig took a deeper look at what was pretty obviously a Runner hit against Ares: while disguised, the mannerisms were still there. She knew that man from somewhere - and she now had leverage to get him to do what she wished.

One does not simply help murder a Dragon and get away with it scott free, you see.

The Meet

Konig managed to make enough racket about trying to locate a runner in Madame Butterfly's club to catch the fixer's attention. It didn't take much for Konig to name drop and offer the fixer a photo of a man on the run from Renraku. Madame Butterfly reached out quickly to Usagi once she realized that this is who Konig was looking for. She cautioned Usagi to be cautious, as Konig had inferred she had all the evidence she needed to destroy Usagi should she wish. Usagi agreed to meet with Konig - he called Tanuki to come with him just in case. The pair drove to the location provided in the Redmond Barrens to an apartment building that was under construction. Tanuki was able to point out all of the updated cameras and sensors in and around the building to Usagi. Ultimately, Usagi decided to meet with Konig alone as per her instructions.

The pair finally met face to face in a small apartment living room in the back of the building. Konig laid out her position: either Usagi was going to make good on the corporate espionage he'd been accused of many years ago or she would simply tell the Corporate Court where to find him and everyone that had ever spoken to him. This was on top of dropping his location on Renraku. She'd be rewarded either way but it was apparent she'd much rather have Usagi provide her with information from Renraku. To further motivate him, she offered him one thing: the original files that had connected him to corporate espionage in S-K's files. While it would do nothing to get the heat off him over the Ares incident, it would at least not connect the man who fled Renraku with the man who blew up a dragon.

Usagi agreed to her terms. Konig gave him vague instructions on what she wanted. There was a Renraku black sight somewhere in Seattle doing bioware research. She wanted the research notes and the prototype.

Understanding now what they might lack, Usagi and Tanuki put together a runner team in hopes to find this black site and infiltrate it succesfully. Thankfully, Jenny Glitz and Riot answered the call.

The Plan

Step 1 was finding the black site in the first place. This took several days, but the team finally ascertained through contacts, research, and good old fashioned driving about that it was underground, protected in the abandoned tunnels of the Seattle Underground. It seemed Renraku had taken advantage of an apartment building right over the top of it and used it to transport workers and equipment down to the lab below. Some other digging led the team to find a second entrance down about a kilometer away - it seems the corp had dug down to create an entrance into the underground tunnels to allow for larger vehicles to move in an out as needed. The entrance was disguised as part of a warehouse.

Step 2 was to find a way in. It seemed that there was a delivery van dropping off what looked to be body bags at the Apartment building entrance. The logo on the side of the van proclaimed this to be part of 'Carson's Department of Human Resources'. Some quick matrix searching (and watching Jenny stomp all over a low level host) and the runners found out that Carson's Department of Human Resources often made deliveries from Carson's Discount Funeral Services to the Renraku shell company. They simply added their name to this list, the total shipment they would be taking in, and got themselves a van. They intended to go in as corpses with Jenny driving them in. The more they dug into what was being sent down, the more apparent it was they were most likely bringing back a prototype in a dead body.

Step 3 was to pray really hard that everything went right.

Madame Butterfly called Usagi to give him a warning - a known member of the Red Samurai was in town. He needed to be careful.

The Run

Jenny Glitz disguised herself as a delivery driver and went to the morgue where she picked up one body. The runners would use this to pass inspection at the first check point. The manifest for the delivery was for 4 bodies, so the other three runners disguised themselves in body bags in the back of the van. It was a miracle but they managed to make into the tunnels with little fuss.

Once at the black site, Jenny took the actual body through the building to the morgue in order to get a lay of the land. She managed to find one spot in the morgue to get in and get a data tap - it was as they had feared, this was an offline, faraday caged host. She stuck a data top on the camera feed and did as much as she could to not alert the system and get any information she could. The team decided that with the small staff, a definite sag in the on site security, and a divide and conquer strategy, they could get in as corpses and do a smash and grab. The only thing that stood between them and the prototype was a room full of scanners that led from the front to the back of the lab.

Jenny managed to get a guard help her move all the bodies of her team mates at once into the room. She positioned Riot close to him, and right as the sensors were alerting on the presence of live bodies, Riot took out the man. The team reacted swiftly - Usagi bounded down the hall to take care of the guards running at them, Tanuki's steel lynx and Riot turned to defend the guards coming from the other side. Jenny tried to get out of the way and get them into the lab where the prototype was hidden.

They met more opposition than they bargained for. A napalm wall from Riot managed to keep them from being over run but it was becoming apparent that something had to change quickly or the guards yelling 'geek the mage!' were going to be the least of their problems.

A well timed grenade from Tanuki saved the day. The team managed to get in to the prototype and forced the scientist they found to help them get all the research as well. They were working against the clock, knowing full well that the red samurai team was on its way. Somehow they managed to get everything in the van and get the hell out of the area.


it couldn't have been any closer of a call than if they had planned it that way. Just as Tanuki made it back to the surface, all hell was breaking out a kilometer away. Red Samurai were frantically sweeping the site, every drone and vehicle Renraku could muster was patrolling the area, but somehow, Tanuki kept his cool and got the team the hell out of dodge. Anxious to get rid of their cargo, they contacted Konig who gave them directions for where to meet.

The exchange was short and sweet. Usagi handed over the files and showed Konig the body with the prototype in it. Konig handed him the S-K files she'd promised (Jenny verified they were in fact the orginals). The team was directed to where to drop the body.

Hopefully it would be okay from now on.



Usagi and Riot:

  • 21 karma
  • 24,000 Nuyen
  • +2 CDP


  • 21 karma
  • 4,000 nuyen
  • The van you purchased on the run. :D
  • +2 CDP

Jenny Glitz

  • 21 Karma
  • 20,000 nuyen
  • The cost of the disguises and R6 sin you purchased for the run.
  • +2 CDP

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