Dude, Where's My Van

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Dude, Where's My Van
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Hatano Mori


Zigzag's van gets stolen buy Chulos. It ends up at a chop shop. The Runners just buy it back.


Zigzag was busy doing some honest ethical labor, only to find someone had stolen her ambulance while she was inside! Bodies needed transporting and time was ticking. To get her prized van back, she called the Haven to find her car.

The Meet

The runners are called to an alleyway in the barrens, where Zigzag and a few other ghouls are hanging out in the shadows. Sitting on a curb, she is notably vehicleless, and not happy about it. She told the runners she had a pickup at a spot, went in to pick up the bodies, and came out with no van. Someone had snatched it in that short period, and well, she needed it back.

Gigabite, both making fun of her for loosing her van, and supporting her in her time of distress, drunkenly started negotiating in a very professional way, latching into a hug and telling her how much Zigzag mattered to her.

It worked.

They got paid more.

The Plan

To start, they headed over to location that Zigzag's ambulance got stolen. A relatively unremarkable building in the barrens, it seemed fairly peaceful as they arrived. Heading inside, the team saw the stains and remnants of the violence that drew Zigzag here to start with. No more bodies though at least!

Focusing on examining the exterior, the team, through a combination of matrix searching and hacking managed to get a line on where the van ended up. It had passed some cameras in a Carbonado.

They relocated, and started looking around to find clues. Chulos were active in the area, and they tried to look innocuous, succeeding mainly. By scouting around and annoying people until they answered questions, they eventually found out about a chop shop in the local area, a possible location for the ambulance to have ended up at.

The Run

Traveling a few blocks over, they scouted the spot. The chop shop was a main building with a lot filled with vehicles and parts. The entire complex was walled off, with barbed wire on top, a gate the entrance.

Oathbane entered the host, bypassing the security and looking at the files within. She managed to find a floor plan, as well as a manifest. Using this info, the team managed to determine that ambulance was likely here. She also noticed there were various drone defense systems on site.

To further scout, Hatano projected into the chop shop, looking around for interesting threats. Inside, she found various security personal, one of which seemed to be in the early stages of turning into a ghoul. Be careful when you touch Zigzag's van.

Heading back, knowledge gathered, the team made a unique decision. Instead of breaking in, possibly killing people and getting shot in return, they decided to just buy the van back.

Gigabite, heading to the gate, rang a buzzer and waited patiently. Eventually the manager and a bodyguard strode out, looking at Gigs through the barrier. When questioned, Gigs just asked to buy the van back, saying she needed a car of the specific model. After some negotiating, getting a rather nice price for the van, she succeeded.

There were no betrayals. Everyone walked away happy. The end.


Zizag was reambulanced. Gigabite and her became better friends, and the team got paid.


For Oathbane,

14000 Nuyen (7 RVP)

5 Karma (5 RVP)

For Gigs,

6000 Nuyen (3 RVP)

7 Karma (7 RVP)

6 CDP (2 RVP)

For the Rest:

10k Nuyen (5 RVP)

5 Karma (5 RVP)

6 CDP (2 RVP)

Optional Contacts, removed from other rewards:

For Gigs, Zigzag as a 1/4 (4 RVP)

For the rest, Zigzag as a 1/3 (3 RVP)

+2 162s rep

For Gigs: +1 Chulos rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I grow up in a place, where the infected were treated a bit, unlike Seattle. but of course, they were kept away from people like me due to reasons. but overall working together and facing with another got the job done.


And people keep telling me that my cause is hopeless, ghouls will never be accepted. Yeah, they will! You just gotta have the magic touch when it comes to talking to people. It's not that hard to get along, a bit of scratch and a pretty smile gets you far! Obviously, a shotgun or two definitely helps, but violence ain't gotta be the answer. Cheers for peace, I'll drink to that!