Eagle Hunter

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Eagle Hunter
LocationBellevue & Puyallup
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Carolina Petrovski
Killian Amungus
Vibroaxe man
The Cleaners
Casualties and losses
The dignity of not working for Humanis.


Carolina Petrovski found out about the movement of Humanis policlub criminals to a re-educational facility in Everett. She became a Johnson and hired runners to eliminate this problem and offered two ways of finishing the run: escort the twelve prisoners out of said prison, or cause the resignation of the overseer . The Runners successfully investigated the overseer and found incriminating evidence on Killian H. Amungus, and intimidated him into resigning and completing the mission with a happy ending for Carolina Petrovski's plan.


Killian H. Amungus wanted to import crims from Europe and use them as a disposable Death Squad whose primary occupation is shooting at orc orphanages and murdering elves and dwarves in low security zones for Humanis(tm). Carolina has vision: Why not use these to gat enemies of humanity and make Humanis look good at the same time?

The Meet

Runners got escorted into a Horizon extraterritorial facility and into the meet room with Carolina. Shine was ordered by her fixer, Warboss to do whatever she can to frag up her plans, but gave her options on how to do so with the reward of getting chips off her debt. The meet goes well, Runners do a good bit of legwork during the meet. The Johnson expresses the two ways of getting paid for this run:

  • Extract the twelve inmates that are currently in the reeducation facility in Everett
  • Convince Killian H. Amungus to resign from his position as overseer of the re-education facility, leaving Carolina to take over as she is the primary successor.

Runners inquire as to the whereabouts as well as any rumors of the Overseer. Runners find out that he was recently isolated from the public eye, as well as a unconfirmed report of him being spotted at a Benraku Parlor. It was subsequently shut down. There was a banshee spotted in the local area. Carolina offered to make burner rating six sins for the operation.

The Plan

Lets investigate that Benraku Parlor, and also talk to the banshee. this totally won't be a bad idea. Then, go into the hospital who is treating him and get his patient records.

The Run

Paragon goes to a Krime Mall and gets a 50% discount off for three psyche with a Kiwi-pineapple flavor. She also buys three non-discounted psyche. She picks up a bunch of wood pulp ammo for her new Ares Alpha. Shine, Pulse, & Warlock go into Warlocks Armadillo and drive to the abandoned parlor. Both parties arrived at the OPFOR environment. Entry team consisted of Shine & Warlock, with Paragon acting as entry assistant & back up. Warlocks sensors picked up infectious bacteria in the area, Paragon stated that they are not gonna go in, and got needled by Shine for being a coward. they found a locked door in the side entrance, and Paragon, who ain't no coward, walked over and unlocked the door, and faded into the shadows and waited for a signal to come in with a gun filled wood-pulp rounds. This didn't happen. Shine breached and cleared the area, using traveling over watch to enter through the first floor, finding a dead receptionary. samples were taken, and they move to the second floor and find a unrecognizable corpse in the advanced stage of decay, as noted by the tens of thousands of flies circling both bodies. samples of the entire area were gathered, as well as a commlink fished out from the bloated corpse. Warlock enters investigation mode and finds a bunch of wound marks on the doors and concrete walls, and determined to have been caused by either a vibro axe/sword. it was a very disgusting scene overall. After this was done, Paragon realized that she could get into contact with the banshee who was in the area, and contacted her fixer, Patches to do so. Shortly thereafter, they got a message that he can be talked too in the literal neighboring mahjong parlor. Warlock proceeds to talk to the guard guarding the door. he repeatedly tells the runner to walkaway, it is not safe, and it will be a bad time for the greenhorn to talk to the owner of the mahjong parlor. Warlock listens to the symptoms presented to him by Paragons assensing and his own interrogation of the guard and figures out that the guy was drained by a banshee. Warlock was told to get lost. Pulse hacks the guy's commlink and spoofs a message coming from "his boss" to let that runner in. He tries to bring friends, and was denied. He walks in, without a plan, into the den of Agamemnon

Agamemnons lair

Inside this majong parlor, a connection to Agamemnon lurked. Warlock entered into his den, and basically demanded for some info about the target while trying to offer as little information on the run itself. He was trapped in a faraday cage. He got interrogated a bit, played cool, eventually talked into being allowed to talk with his runner team. The team agreed to give out this information. He got informed of the situation, more or less, knows about the infighting between Carolina Petrovski and the Killian Amungus. he takes a bribe and gives some more info on the guy. they amicably leave, Agamemnons gets paid a bunch of money for his trouble, and Warlock is told to basically never return. The runners finished with the whole deal, they go to warlocks detective agency. The runner team analyze a bunch of data, and came to a couple conclusions. First, Paragon took the Kiwi-Pineapple flavor psyche, which is a speedball of Zen & Psyche, and passed out five minutes later. Pulse hacked the dead accountants commlink, and finds a financial transaction log that connects to 2 SpinGlobal subsidary accounts favorred by employees to utilize while off their usual turf. his DNA was found on the site, and the samples were analyzed to be determined to be a variant of HIV carried by elf and elf metavariants. Taking into account Warlocks psychometric visions, it becomes clear that Killian contracted this disease in a rare case of cross-meta-variant infection during his "recreational" visits to the parlour, and sent a group of well dressed goons to kill everyone inside who could connect him to it. All that was needed was to find the records of where he lived to finish the deal. Paragon wakes up, about an hour later, and states that she feels like drek. initially blown of as a crash on drugs, Pulse feels that this might be serious, and diagnoses Paragon with the Elf HIV through aerial transmission.

Fixing sightlines at the Overlake Medical Hospital

All the Runners were given R6 Sins by Caroline. Pulse is a Medical Doctor, Shine is a Nurse, Paragon is a Med-Mage, Warlock is a doctor with a specialty in infectious diseases and psychology? We went in through a employee entrance, waiting for some nurse to approach the door and followed in right behind her. We thanked her for opening the door and causing a security risk to the entire hospital. We go into a locker room and wear some disposable scrubs. There was no problems with this. Paragon gets put into a gurney, and gets the easiest role in the entire run: be a sick fragger who needs medical attention to not die. Shine and the team roll her over to the infectious disease ward, helpfully guided by AR maps. She smoothly talks to the receptionist: Shine plainly states that they skipped the ER department so as to not have a infectious patient in there. The receptionist agrees with this sentiment, and Paragon gets shoved into a isolation ward, and Pulse gets assistance from Shine to treat Paragons deadly disease. With the perfect equipment there, Paragon ultimately makes a perfect recovery thanks to the prompt speed in which treatment was given. Afterwards, the team moves to a server room to extract data. The security guard stops Pulse and tells him not to sleep in there. Shine covers for him, and offers to kick Pulse awake if the good doctor Pulse tries to sleep in there. The guard is mollified by this, but will break Pulse's knee caps if he spots him in there sleeping.

They arrive inside the server room, and Pulse just plugs in to the server rack, avoids detection by the Spider, destroys the protective databombs and decrypts the medical files of the target, and then does the same to the financial documents related to him. Pulse disconnects, and having enough data to finish the job, the team exfil. The team writes up a intimidating message 48 hours later when paragon is allowed to leave the hospital and send it to the guy.

Killian Amungus resigns from his post as overseer of the re-education facility, successfully completing the conditions of the run.


The Johnson calls the runners back to Horizon territory, and hands out whiskey spiked nova coke to the runners and celebrates success. Shine provides copies of Killian's medical records to Warboss, who grudgingly takes back two of her chips and notes that he wanted dead bodies, not data. Three days after acquiring Killian's medical records, she leaks them to the press.


64,000 Nuyen worth of gear, bioware, cyberware, armor, fake SINs up to 18 availability

Optional Contact Carolina Petrovski 6/1 Humanis Leader (5 RVP aka 5 karma or 10 CDP)


2 Humanis Policlub Reputation

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Probably the first run where me getting sick was the key to the run working. That was pretty cool, except for the part where I probably would've died if the job literally had us go anywhere but the best hospital. Food is okay here, probably just as bad as what I eat out in the Barrens. Other than that, this was a very rewarding run to pushforward. Except for the bit where I worked for some Humanis goon. Probably not the best thing to sign blindly on.


I feel dirty. And not just because I had to burn a perfectly good 2000 nuyen outfit because of the risks of contagion and the sheet number of flies that had been crawling over it. This is the sort of dirt that will never wash off. I can console myself by contemplating how those goons will do far less harm in the hands of a supremacist like Caroline rather than a genocidist like Killian. I can even content myself with the knowledge that she plans to take those racist thugs into Sophocles to contend with the existential evil building there. Letting two dangerous groups fight and destroy themselves is a key aspect of military and political strategy. But I sincerely wish I had not been the one to make it possible. Every civilian slain in this coming war shall be on my conscience. And how many meta-humans will die because one of Carolina's goons "accidentally" caught them with a stray shot.

I will not be sleeping well in the coming weeks and months. Perhaps, never again.


Not quite what I usually work. Suppose this is what I get for being nose-to-the-grindstone working cases and not paying too much attention to the Shadow politics as of late. Wasn't quite aware of who I was accepting a job from until the meet itself, but I suppose that's on me. At the end of the day though, this job fits snugly on the 'meh' scale of things that weigh on my conscience. I helped a bad person get one over on another bad person, and that's just life in the shadows. The team and I got a damn good payday, nobody died, and not a single shot was fired. Good work, in my opinion.