Edelburg Trial

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Date: 2082-09-06 By: Live News Segment

The segment opens to a male dwarf reporter standing before a stately building beneath a blue sky.  The steps to this building are crowded by protesters, corraled away from the main entrance by rope lines and bored-looking sentries carrying modern compound bows and tomahawks.  Due to the lighting employed by the camera, the protest signs are illegible.

"Harold Hoffman here, reporting for Horizon. Minutes earlier, Saul Edelburg, an MCT citizen, was led into the courthouse here in Bellingham. Edelburg, a long-time Seattle resident and - by all accounts - a pleasant and polite neighbor and co-worker to those who knew him, has been charged with serious, possibly capital crimes by the Tribal Council."

The camera cuts to an scene inside the courtroom, where a cuffed man in a haggard hoodie stands before a low table while flanked by guards.  He is a middle-aged man with a receding hairline and a thin physique.  The elevated shot angle and the lighting makes him look small and pitiable between the be-shadowed silhouettes of menacing Salish guards.

An off-screen voice interjects. "Harold, I understand that there is some controversy surrounding the manner of Edelburg's arrest?"

Harold Hoffman: "Quite so, Dave. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies has filed a complaint with the Seattle State Governor's office, alleging a violation of corporate extraterritoriality. Earlier today, a company spokesperson claimed that Edelburg's abduction was carried out by 'thugs' and 'shadowrunners.'"

Dave: "Serious allegations to be sure, Harold. Especially in light of the District Attorney's on-going campaign against the underground criminal and terrorist organizations of Seattle."

Harold Hoffman: "For their part, the Salish-Shidhe Council claims Edelburg was captured while crossing the border, but so far they have offered no evidence to-"

Harold goes quiet as the scene changes in the courtroom.  Both guards and captive look up, and the camera pans to an elderly judge.  Her long, braided gray hair is colorful with bison beads.  She speaks with a grave voice.

"Saul M. Edelburg. The crimes you have been charged with..."

There is a transition sweep, and the feed now displays an expert panel.  AR name tags denote professors, think tank members, and people whose names are prefaced with impressive doctorates.

The man who was conversing with Harold Hoffman speaks. "We're back at the studio with a number guests here to talk about the shocking abduction of Mr. Edelburg and its ramifications. First up, let's go to Dr. Montgomery of the University of Washington."

The camera focuses on an elegant elf woman with the bearing of an elder librarian. "Thank you for having me here, Dave. Everyone here can at least agree that the Shiawase Decision remains a cornerstone of the international world order. Chipping away at it so brazenly here, as the Salish have done - well..."

The guest panel continues for an hour in this vein.

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