Experitech wheels

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Experitech wheels
GMDoc Mnc
LocationRenton, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Hartlies (a 12th layer subsidiary of MCT)
Ty Vallynn
Fed Up
五代ロータス (Godai rōtasu)
Casualties and losses


The J hired the team to acquire the plans for a car and the prototype car itself. Coming in quiet initially the team went loud after Spider got converged on. Blasting their way through the remaining security the team made their way to the basement. Some magic later the guards were no more and the team drove out mostly unharmed.


The J was given a budget by his boss to set back a rival corps efforts. Once he got wind that the rivals Experitech car was stored in a secret basement below their office building he hatched a plan. Using his corp budget he decided to pay the team to acquire the plans for his boss and the car for his own personal collection.

The Meet

The team got calls from their fixers to come to a bar called "A bar in Renton" at 5 that afternoon. Arriving there they found the J, an elf in a mauve suit, waiting for them. After negotiating back and forth they settled on 16K each to get the job done with an additional 1K if they got the car the J undamaged.

The Plan

The team began by having spider do a matrix run where she acquired the floor plans of the building. Following up Godai took a look around the building identifying that the loading bay was less protected than the other parts. The team hatched the plan to come in through the loading bay make their way up to the ceo's safe where he stored a data chip with a copy of the plan. They planned to follow this by sweeping down into the basement and making out through the secret tunnel they had discovered led out to a fountain in a nearby park.

The Run

The initial entry into the building was smooth as Ty used a trid phantasm to sneak the team into the building. Hittin the elevators spider used a garbage in garbage out to switch the alarms and sprinklers outputs. Making their way up to the 6th floor the team quickly edited themselves out the motion sensors feed ducking into a side room without sensors. Faced by the issue of a corridor with two sensors trained on it and a locked door they came to an effective solution. A forked edit file from Spider gave them a 3 second window which Nebula used to run up and kick in the door while the rest of the team followed behind her. Rushing in they quickly propped the door back up to avoid the damage being noticed instantly. Fed Up used his industrial mechanic skill to repair the door hinges well enough it wouldn't fall off while they were still in the building. A minute or two of fiddling got them into the safe an netted them 10 data chips. While nebula broke into the safe Spider used chemicals to bleach an insult into the carpet and help Fed Up photo copy his ass on the CEO's photocopier. On their way out the room Spider triggered a convergence getting the host set on her. During the altercation she kicked the security spider out nauseating him. however unbeknownst to the team the combination of the convergence and the nauseated spider was enough for an alert to go out too the HTR teams in the area (a low priority one). This also set the alarm off causing the sprinklers to start. The guards intercepted the lift stopping it at the 5th floor where they prepared an ambush. The team outclassed the guards beating them on initiative and killing one injuring another. After getting handcuffed to the corpses by Godai the other two guards quickly answered the runners questions in return for not being handcuffed to their dead buddy. Heading down to the basement they located a trap door leading further down.

At the stairwell Ty sent his air spirit down the corridor sneaking it through a ward. Once inside it found two guards waiting in ambush. The guards didn't expect a counter ambush by spirit and after engulfing them nothing but two shredded piles remained of the guards. Nebula spotted a pressure plate in front of the door. Leaning over it with her head against the door as she brute forced the lock to get them through the door elegantly getting back upright after opening the door. After the team jumped the pressure plate they were in the room with the car and the guards out of commision. The team bundled into the car, ty turning into a car and sitting on spiders lap. Heading out the tunnel Fed up got two metres of air time (banging up the cars suspension in the process) and made off like a bandit. Somehow picking a smuggling route good enough to keep the eyes of police patrols off them they made it out of renton and too a safehouse where they could stash the car. This allowed them to miss the HTR team by 3 minutes. As a final detail Spider keyed up the car, a lot.


Calling the J and meeting up the next day they transferred the car and the data chip to him receiving their 16K nuyen in return. Spider then sold off the other pay data to Cecilia cross netting each member a bonus 2K nuyen. The team barely made it away clean with no lasting consequences but after destroying and stealing the plans for the car and taking the car itself Hartlies is in a bad place and cecilia cross has a little extra leverage for her machinations.


18K nuyen 3 karma

Game Quotes

Ty (ooc): He takes 19P (pause) DM: yeah he's beyond dead

Godai: I handcuff him from the corpse

Fed up: I photocopy my ass

Nebula: I lean my head on the door

Spider: I pet the fox

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Ty Vallynn

So there I was, resting. I got an emergency call to help out some other runners steal a car. Luckily, most of the legwork was done when I got there. The plan almost went off without a hitch. We did trip an alarm, but through generous use of violence and very inventive punishment, we sorted out the rent-a-cops and made our way to the objective. I figured we would have some heavier security. Well, heavier magic wise. Turns out, I was the most dangerous mage onsite. My faithful air spirit turned the "tougher" guards inside out. We made it out, got paid, and I got pets. Op success I'd say.

Fed Up

The chance to drive an experimental, yerzed out prototype? Sign me up.

All we had to do was steal it first.

From a secret underground laboratory.

While also making sure we stole all existing plans.

And all without getting the car destroyed.


I didn't have to fire a single bullet, although I did pop a smoke grenade so our elevator wouldn't get turned into a barrel of fish. A few other things from my bag of tricks really smoothed out the run too. Who knew most runners don't carry a crowbar.

Shooting corpo henches isn't why I was there though. I was there to drive. Unfortunately, she didn't have a rigger port installed yet. Unfortunate for Hartlies, that is. See, I've been driving without a rig for a lot longer that I've been driving with one, and all the fancy mods they installed only made my job easier. They had her so tuned up and dialed in, she practically flew across the asphalt.

Well, she did fly for a little bit. If you put enough force behind a brick, it'll fly too.

I wish Spider didn't mark her up, but I get it. Spider put in a lot of work to get us in and out safely, and it would have been a lot messier without em. Plus, the J was a bit of a prick. Who wears a mauve suit?