Explosions in a Touristville Apartment Block!

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Horizon News Network



Date: 2081-08-26

Huge explosions were heard earlier today as the gas pipes of a Touristville apartment block caught alight and sadly injured many of the inhabitants of the top floor. The building was in chronic disrepair and has now been ruled uninhabitable. Nearly 18 people were injured and DocWagon has kindly offered their services at the scene. This was believed to be gang warfare and EVO Security has graciously stepped in to offer security to the area in this trying time for the people of Touristville.

"It is a great shame that this terrible accident happened to such good people like Mary Johnson, who only wanted to help the people of Touristville avoid the corruption of narcotics. We hope to see her doing her good work again sometime soon" - KE Representative

Knight Errant has currently left the area and has marked it uninhabitable, all residents are to avoid the area until further notice.