Fashion Faux Pas

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Fashion Faux Pas
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Result SK wage slave is disgraced in front of his peers at a corporate rally, wearing attire suited towards an Ares SINner, leaving him embarrassed, posted all over the news AGAIN, and losing face for himself and the company.
Factions Involved
Saeder-Krupp, Quxing Ares Macrotechnology, John, Candle, and Maddox
Commanders and leaders
None Kyle Bradmine
Casualties and losses
None None


Kyle and Michael Wilford have had a small argument back and forth as Kyle embarrasses Michael and Michael tries to make strikes on Kyle's business. He can never seem to make a mark, but Kyle continues to go along swimmingly. After changing out his sock colors at an important business meeting, he wants to go the next step.


The Runners meet at a Uncle Pete's BBQ in a Downtown metroplex that used to be owned by Neonet and is under new management. There is a gruff orc on the outside scanning everyone's SIN before they enter the building in order t make sure that they are who they say they are. The Runners all grab a table as they are greeted by a blond, overly Southern and bubbly human girl who has blond pigtail braids on the side of her head who talks too much and is pushing the food on the Runners. All of it is oversized, but good. The Johnson meets them in cowboy attire, who wants the Runners to switch out the entire wardrobe of one Michael Wilford, whom John had looked up earlier and was certain that he was some rising star in Quxing who hit his boss and is now working as a janitor (critical glitch). The Michael Wilford that they would be making a run on works for SK and is a mid-level wage slave in finance. The pay is worked up from 16k nuyen to 18k nuyen and the use of a matrix contact that Kyle knew. The Runners agree and then head on out to their own location, away from the casually awful and garish man that is their Johnson


The Runners start by trying to figure out more that they can figure out about the Michael Wilford. Their matrix search pulls up little, besides his SK affiliation, the numerous media articles about his mismatched socks, and his MeFeed which seems to be under corporate control with the recent PR incident. The Runners have a location of the building for him, but not the room. They determine that if they order some pizza to be shipped to him, they could hopefully find his location. Candle and John head to the pizza place and two orders come out that matches the order they sent. Candle manages to hit both and they start to chase after both, one heading to the SK apartment and the other to a Michael Wilford at Quxing. John notes this for later and his drone follows the SK heading pizza. It is accepted and brought up to the 39 floor, which goes into a room and the tag it was following disappears, the room apparently wrapped in a Faraday cage.

Maddox projects onto the astral to investigate where he finds two watcher spirits overseeing the location, one near the bottom and another near the top. He goes to peek on the outside window, but it is covered in glass. He goes through the roof and thankfully it isn't one of the rooms wrapped in a mana barrier, but it does have a Hellhound inside of it, as well as one other mundane signature. He dodges out of their and informs the team. John deposits off a small drone to snoop on Michael's schedule. He is mostly at work, eating take out, chilling in VR, or sleeping. He always leaves early in the morning and gets back twelve hours later. He always clicks a button when he comes in and out. The team decide to infiltrate when he is out for work. John is going to bring the suitcase full of clothes that they got from the Johnson, Candle is going to hide in another suitcase, while Maddox is astral overwatch. John grabs his burner SIN and dons his disguise.

Candle pops open the suitcase they were given to confirm it is indeed clothing, while John learns from his fixer that this outfit is fine and fashionable, in the style to make an Ares wageslave looking fashionable.

John and Candle make their way into the apartment complex, the Dragon's Lair where John pretends to be a flight service that lost Michael's bags and he wants to drop it off in order to ensure their safety. After a couple of sideways glances, the receptionist shrugs and allows him upstairs to the 39th floor. They use their maglock skeleton key which doesn't work first time, but the second clears. They enter in and press a button which starts asking for biometric data from them. They try to get a fingerprint from a toothbrush while Candle pops out of the suitcase and takes out the Hellhound. The toothbrush isn't clear, but a fingerprint from a beer bottle gets the job down. Still apparently unseen, they run into the bedroom to exchange the clothing. They find other assorted items which they ignore, though the dead hooker and the drugs get some raised eyebrows.

While were doing this, the Watcher spirits managed to not see Candle on the way up, but was heading towards the room when Maddox made moves to distract them with a German dance. He got their attention, more than he wanted and a projecting mage showed up who quickly asked him to leave. He left sadly, but thoroughly distracted them from the team being found out.

The team ducks out of the room as they shove the suitcases into the trash chutes. John moved to head down the elevator while Candle moved to crawl down the chute. She managed most of the way down, not fazed by falling trash, but almost all the way down, fell down 9 stories. She survived, broken and bruised, but alive. John used the mini welder on his drone to torch the clothing and they peaced, with the run successfully completed.


Michael Wilford was thoroughly embarrassed in front of his corp, and these repeated incidents are not going to reflect well on his career. Kyle was happy and looks forward to messing with him further.


18000 Nuyen and 4 Karma

Player Characters



Record Date: 2-6-2079

Record Tags: [Shadowrun], [Saeder-Krupp], [Sabotage], [Kyle]

Can't tell whether this was a corp hit or a personal one. The Johnson was a pro, even if he put us on as a buffoon. Might need to make sure to stay spotless for a while. The job parameters were unremarkable, and the "sabotage" was simply to swap the target's wardrobe and leave a message. The Johnson was apparently playing social games with the mark, in the same way that a grizzly bear plays before ripping off your arms. Recon was a bit rough, thanks to my incompetence (see action item), but the information wasn't hidden deep. The team's gun was actually a bow and accompanied me on the infil hidden in luggage. (Note: I did *not* know a dwarf could bend like that.) Entry involved bypassing a maglock, a biometric alarm switch, and a (thankfully sleeping) Hellhound. Maglock took a second try, and the biometrics almost burned us, but the Hellhound gave no trouble. (Note: Possibly upgrade the priority on those dynamic handprints. Can't be too prepared.) The swap went smoothly, and my escape was clean, though apparently the dwarf took the express route down a dozen stories. Glad I didn't have to burn the corpse along with the mark's replaced wardrobe. Not sure where all the magic security was. I didn't grab the story from the mage, but we never felt so much as an astral breeze. Either he's that good or they're that bad. Maybe both. Nice to score a clean run after the last one. My ears are still ringing from that.

Action: Begin remedial Matrix training course.

Action: Free Michael Wilford!