Financial Troubles

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Financial Troubles
Part of Corporate Espionage
LocationDowntown, Seattle Metroplex.
Result Extraction of a Corporate Software Engineer
Factions Involved
U3br L33t
Casualties and losses
3 Renraku Corpsec


Clara Greene, a GloBank employee originally from London, put up a notice for her extractions. Renraku found out she was dissenting and instead offered her a new job that she fit better, and she changed her mind about the whole extraction thing. Unfortunately, she never updated that noticed, and NeoNET saw an asset it could grasp at in desperation.


Mr Johnson was a Korean troll who kept a low profile at the meet. He handed the runners a datachip and gave them 7 days to extract her. The team negotiated and came to a deal that they felt happy with.


The runners start doing their legwork and figuring out how to hit her. They find she live sin Global Lifestyle Solutions, a gilded cage that acts as a holding pen for at risk individuals. Clara is not technically allowed outside, and is provided all the creature comforts she could want.

They find out she has a team of Awakening 1949 eSport team that she trains with, and do research on her schedule. The team decides to infiltrate as a Renraku Corper, with John creating an identity to sneak in and the matrix users hitting the host at the same time.

John attempts to locate her, finding her home empty. Her Renraku SmartHome tells them she is currently playing games downstairs, and that she is working on MaVeAp, a Marketing Ai that could compete with Shiawase's MFID.

Ub3r and =SUM are attempting to deal with the IC, and eventually, get spotted. John manages to track down Clara in the building and gets the team to send her back to her home, but she has a tail, one of her eSports teammates goes back with her.

At this point, Ub3r gets converged on and smacked. He gets linklocked in the host and needs to burn edge to jack out to avoid getting traced.

Grimoire sends a spirit to attack the target and her friend, finding out that the friend was a member of the Renraku Red Ninja. Clara runs the frag away and right into John's arms, who tells her to come with him for safety.

They use Grimoire's preplanned alchemy to turn invisible and head into the elevator. At this point, the alarm has been raised and security is ready to stop people trying to escape. John and Clara get to the bottom floor and get caught between a firefight. The rest of the team bursts in, avoiding gunfire and attacks to battle the corpsec. A Force 7 Spirit joins the fray and they pull the target.

The Red Ninja follows them, but Booker takes him out before he can follow. The team erases any tags and lays low.

They meet Mr Johnson at the Docks, flanked by the Octagon Triad. They point weapons at the team and it's a tense standoff, but both parties walk away with what they want.


NeoNET has Clara Greene as a scientist. Renraku offers them a large reward to return her, but they decline, as they're desperate for anything. Clara hates her job and just wants to go back, and is not productive enough to help much.


14,400 Nuyen, 2000 additional nuyen for paydata, 7 Karma

+2 Rep to NeoNET

Player AARs


Ugh, this was such a pain in the ass. So I call up my fixer and she tells me I have to deal with that asshole who records all his runs and posts them to the haven, so I have to show up to the meet on the matrix so this asshole doesn't record me. And this restaurant doesn't even let me dress up my persona like a witch, so I have to dress down to Neo Wicca chic instead of a real outfit that lets everyone know I'm a badass bitch.

And then we agree to kidnap this girl, whatever and because I don't show up in the meat, I have to let my fixer handle my money, so I lose like 10% in escrow fees. Such a rip off. While the matrix nerds did their searching and hacking and whatever I went out, went clubbing for a bit and got a lovely 8 hours. I got brunch, did some drycleaning and those nerds finally got back to me. I took my quiche home with me and scouted out that little apartment complex thing and there were like no watchers and they didn't even go anywhere, I had almost no fragging reason to be there.

What did I do after that? Oh, that's right, I did some AR shopping, and then one of the nerds started choking on their own blood or something, so I sent a demon to patch them up. They did some planning and needed to be invisible, so I gave them a few pills to pop and hung about in the astral, to pop a ghost while they did their job.

And I waited... and waited. And then finally some asshole showed up in the extraction target's room, I tried to poke and prod him to get him to look into the astral and nada. Then some asshole set off the alarm or something, their auras were all panicky, so I got a demon to punch the guy with a weapon focus and spook what was probably the extraction target? I think she got to an elevator or something, so I told my buddy to go astral and then those assholes got in combat. So, I got my friend to knock all the guards out, I popped their watcher and then nada. Nothing, they didn't even send a spirit to chase after the extraction target.

I got paid, but it was super boring and I got gypped on payout, this run sucked.