Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee

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Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Heart of the Tempest
Casualties and losses
Some boxer's rep


Runners have been asked with making an orc boxer part of the ultra-heavyweight belt rep go down in flames. to rig it for a bet


The Queen of Foxes in Seattle spend a bit too much money and needed to replace it soon as her owner is going to ask what his pet fox has been spending money on. So she asked one of her lackeys to do that job for her, so Chernobog has to cover up the work and thought of a clever plan that would work and not backfire at all. if it does not work out.

The Meet

The J requested that the runners, meet them at a bar that is known for people wanting to be left alone and not bothered. not counting the BGC that was there and having someone who works there that has astral hazing, due to dealing with runners using magic to cheat beforehand and the place being heavily guarded and filled with trained killers....like the J is not trusting of killers. Each of the runners would receive their password and would have been tasked with meeting the J to hear about the J information

The Plan

There were a few plans being bounced around such as going off to meet the sons of Sauron to acquire some information and the other amounts of matrix work that could be used to acquire but they needed to understand what can be used to hit this boxer rep the hardest. from paying access to aztechnology data host which provided them a target to hit and with a secondary mission of hitting one of their rivals because corporations really hate each other. finally with a bit of socially was able to spread their information out and really annoying the public interact groups that are helping with this fight

The Run

finally, they were going to hit up the place where the box you live and inquire about any other sensitive information but do to the Johnson not really trusting the runner and making up a false live about him beyond drugs he has sent in a secondary team to acquire the information if the first team was proved to be unprofessional… sadly the secondary team found false information and was led on a goose chase as the other team from the first team began to infiltrate and realize that people were already going through the location


In the aftermath of the mission, they would be given tickets to watch the fight where the orc boxer was a course hated by the crowd and no one bent on him but one individual. while the other was troll was receiving large amounts of bets and was theorized to be the winner of this fight by the sheer amount of public support. by chance the orc won the fight it's not like he uses the negativity from the event to push himself further and one the minor leagues into the ultra-heavyweight belts which will likely lead him into the next league. Meanwhile, Chernobog did his job well and may have a farther reach in the future if he waits long enough


14k (7 RVP) 4 Karma


Optional Chernobog 1/3 (3 GMP)

Tempus: Focus concentration up to rating 3

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Heart of the Tempest

Hehe, Loki was proud. I've never helped hit a guy in the rep before, and it was an interesting break-in. The J was a dick though, having the meet in a background count and bringing someone in with Hazing. Bleurgh.