Fly Me To The Moooon

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Fly Me To The Moooon
Part of It's Always Wednesday in Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Mother Komodo
Felipe Chandler
Goro Mazamoto
Black Vory
Black Vory


Runners are hired to kill gangers who have taken up place on an air strip. They negotiated them off instead, then blew up the Johnson's supply.


The Black Vory are an up and coming syndicate who have been flooding the Seattle market with K-10. They use this airstrip for smuggling. For some reason, they have decided to set up a gang for annihilation.

The Meet

They meet in a warehouse. The J is wearing multiple coverings, keeping himself hidden from head to toe, as well as his two troll-sized bodyguards, similarly hidden. He offers them 18,000 nuyen to kill everyone at the air strip, inject a few with an unknown substance he provides, and make sure no one knows that the runners nor the Johnson was involved. They accept the contract.

The Plan

The runners are suspicious of an unknown substance and a J that goes through that much effort to not be recognized. Twitch and Ojou follow them in Fly Spys, but learn no new information. They contact Felipe Chandler, who identifies the substance as K-10. Goro Mazomoto identifies the air strip as being used by the newer Black Vory syndicate.

Meanwhile Koi and Fletchette snuck into the airstrip to gather information on the gangers. Fletchette threw a Kanmushi into the rough area and caught a conversation about how they just waltzed in and got a free air strip, basically. This led them to realize that these gangers are probably not a malicious sort and probably don't deserve what the Johnson wants to happen to them. Of course, they're getting paid, so, it's a job, right? Well, on further inspection, they find loads of K-10. Multiple crates filled with K-10. This tips the scale so that Fletchette and Koi are both on board with trying to stop K-10 from hitting the streets. Ojou is less gung ho, but with the group, including her boyfriend, vehemently wanting to destroy it, she agrees.

The Run

Twitch calls up Mother Komodo and asks her to speak with the gang about leaving so that no fighting is required. She does so successfully, but Twitch discovers a drone that caught a portion of the meet. He disables it with LOTO and it is transported out to him. He stores it in a Faraday Pocket. Once the meet concludes, the runners set about gathering information. They locate a Goliath, a large stockpile of weapons, armor and K-10, and a few EVO jumpsuits. Twitch, thinking about his neighbor Boom Poom, calls him up and a simsense from Ojou is sent to him. Boom Poom identifies it as EVO experiment jumpsuits, which makes the runners believe the J and his troll-sized bodyguards are perhaps EVO experiments similar to their Puma-man friend and runner.

Twitch hacks the host, gathering information on the J. They find that the K-10 is sourced from EVO extraterritorial property in Russia, sent to Alask, and then moved from there to Seattle. They also find financial records which indicate a much richer syndicate than ought to be from the size and time they have been running, leading to further speculation that they are backed by EVO. The runners load a few weapons and armor into the Goliath, and an aircraft up above. Twitch and Ojou transport the illicit goods out as Ojou loads explosives and Kerosene around the crates. Once they are away, they blow the whole thing up.


The J is pissed.


Wanted (Black Vory, 60k) All runners

Fletchette, Ojou, Koi

  • 8k nuyen (from fencing)
  • 9 Karma
  • 2 CDP


  • 36k in Aircraft gear
  • -1 Chip with Mother Komodo

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Considering we ended up doing what we did we probably didnt need to get that lawyer involved but hey we live and learn. Thank the gods that i worked with some good people here and we decided to do the right thing, last thing i need to start encountering in the streets or on runs are people using K-10 in mass. and frankly the last thing the world needs is more drugs on the street, another run where i do good is a good run, bounty be fragged


Maybe it's my fault for being squeamish about just killing someone, but this whole run just stank. I'm glad we took some time to investigate or these crates wouldn't be the only ones that would have ended up on the streets. I wear this 60K with pride. Also, LOOK, OJOU-CHAN! <NorthrupWasp.img>


I might be in trouble? I think I'm definitely in trouble, the only question is how much. I got a little carried away, didn't I... I was so sure these Black Vory people would be good targets, but it seems they've been very careful not to step on any toes... at least my bounty's higher. :^)