Footprints in the Sand

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Footprints in the Sand
Part of Soji Shogi
Part of Get off our Lawn
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Renraku
4 HTR Goons
Operative One
Casualties and losses


Someone is hunting Usagi, presumably for his bounty. So he hired a team of Haven runners to mislead them, buying him some time to work out what's going on.


[On the 10/19], A mysterious avatar named 'Renko' accessed the Haven's guest node. They posted a photo of an 18 year old Usagi, and asked for information concerning him. This notably has Usagi concerned that someone is hunting for his 50k¥ Renraku bounty.

Energizer probed the person who was asking questions, and didn't find much - except that they had traces of the virus from the [Renaming Incident].

The Meet

Usagi met his team at the Daze, where he quickly explained his conundrum, and they agreed to help. Without negotiation even, Despite the screams of Orchid's Mentor spirit, Raven.

The team settled down to plan out how they were going to conceal Usagi from his mysterious opponent. Orchid called in some points with her contacts while Beartrap searched the matrix, revealing that their adversary had been poking around for some time, searching for information on the ShadowHaven and Usagi.

The Plan

The team decided to lay an ambush for the Operative that had come to Seattle to claim Usagi's bounty, leaking footage of him to the Corporate Court Information network. Then, when the Operative comes to claim the bounty, they capture them and find out all they know!

The Run

For once, things actually went mostly to plan! A contact in Ares Intelligence input the data, which sent a helicopter of HTR racing towards Rambozo's old shack. Naturally, Ramby's fame meant they were prepared for him, shooting down his rocket that he sent to say hello.

The helicopter didn't last much longer than that, between Orchid's and Beartrap's alchemical preparations, they crashed it into the ground, killing the pilot and ally spirit, leaving the retrieval team stranded amongst the wreckage, and Usagi with a helicopter-blade haircut.

Naturally, all hell broke loose, between Donnager's suppressive fire, Beartrap's sword skills, Usagi's sharpshooting, and Rambozo's game of frag grenade hot potato, the HTR team and even the amazingly agile Operative were dead or unconscious.

After some scares with grenades and kink bombs, the team took the surviving Operative to the pullayup volcano for an interrogation.


During the interrogation, the Operative revealed that he was not the Renraku agent tasked with searching for Usagi, and that 'she' had plans... unfortunately involving Abigail, Usagi's adopted daughter. Usagi called the Renko commlink, and had a terse discussion with the woman on the other line, Hiriko, his twin sister. Hiriko taunted him, before overpowering their jamming and executing her minion.

But it's clear... this is only the beginning.


  • 8000¥ (Not for Usagi)
  • 10 karma
  • 2 CDP

Optional: Swap 3 RVP for Amanda

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Damn, that was a blast! Some interesting poking around, then we just lured in a Renraku HTR to Puyallup and went to town. The heli's antimissile lasers managed to bring down Rambozo's missile, but our mages did much better against it, I laid down a blanket of suppressive fire, and Rambozo played a very amusing game of Grenade Hot Potato, then with some great bladework from Beartrap, sniping from Usagi and crossbow fire from Orchid (great to see her again, by the way), we managed to kill the corpsec and even down that bloody Operative - I mostly had fun taking down the corpsec, but I did that little bit with some stick'n'shock that dealt the final blow on the big guy.


I left Renraku three years ago. I became a runner three years ago. I have run on acid-rain washed streets and found love and become a father. I have shot and been shot. I have done things that defy the rational. But now San Francisco calls and I am not here. I am there, because I never left. I died three years ago, as I leapt through that window. This has all been the slow realization of a body that did not comprehend it was dead. I died three years ago in bullets and glass.

Orchid Renraku doing their normal stuff and trying to attack people. it's sometime easy to spot when they are showing and how to deal with them with ease, It's always interesting to see how they engage and how people deal with them overall I wasn't very much into killing them even if they were somewhat bad people overall it's a job that must be done and why I left it to the others… I'll never go back to the person I was before