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Soji Hajime's twin sister Soji Hiriko is in town, with the goal to kidnap her brother and return him to Renraku. Her motives are intentionally unclear, making her unpredictable. She uses primarily information-based tactics, preferring to pit people against each other rather than engage in direct conflict herself.

As she is trying to bring in a highly valuable bounty to Renraku, as well as family, she is willing to employ significant transient funds to capture him, but is limited to Renraku physical assets in UCAS for her own actions.

GMs wanting to use this metaplot are recommended to use misdirection and unclear goals, but not deploy Hiriko herself.

For information gathering purposes, Soji Hiriko does have access to all Haven chatrooms, as she is a highly capable decker. If she interacts with the Haven however, it is through #ic-guest-node, under the pseudonym 'Renko' (RENraku hiriKO), which is designed to put Hajime on guard. She is evasive, and while pretending to be open and friendly, will not directly answer any questions.



Renraku has a significant bounty on Usagi, and has sent his sister as an operative to recover him. Due to Usagi's value, Hiriko has been given near limitless freedom to do as she likes in the apprehension of her brother.

Important Members

  • Soji Hiriko


  • Capture Soji Hajime (Usagi) for unclear reasons.
    • Cause discord in Hajime's life, and disrupt his new home.


The Haven has been dragged into this family feud, and will play a major role in it, as Hiriko is trying to damage Usagi's reputation and wellbeing in the community, as part of a plot to draw him out into the open.

Important Members


  • Survive!


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