Four Dead, One Missing After Home Invasion in Tacoma

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Horizon News Network


Date: 2082-05-28 By: Charli Relford

The broadcast opens on a shot of KE cars, red and blue lights flashing, parked in front of a two-story house. Its front door is blasted off its hinges, a car with a hole in the center of its windshield sits in the driveway, and the yard is barricaded off by yellow CRIME SCENE – DO NOT CROSS tape.

"Charli Relford here reporting for Horizon News Network, coming to you live from Tacoma. Four Petrovski Security guards were murdered today while protecting this house from intruders. Investigators suspect those intruders were shadowrunners who were sent to extract Laura Tanaka, who was the homeowner and the fifth victim in this attack. While their identities and locations are still unknown, the investigation has uncovered four separate astral signatures, as well as signs of technomancer activity.”

Images of the destruction inside the house flash on the screen; upended furniture, walls riddled with bullet holes, bloodstained carpet. There's a shot through the car's cracked windshield that reveals a puncture in the passenger seat backrest just the right size and shape to have been made by an exceptionally sharp katana blade, and what looks to be a cracked and scorched cyberdeck sits on the seat.

“Cases such as these highlight the necessity for District Attorney Mark Donaghy's Light the Shadows initiative, which will help pave the way to a much safer Seattle. If you have detailed information regarding the identities of these suspects that may lead to their arrest, you can help by using the attached ARO to contact Tacoma's Knight Errant precinct.”