Full Body Harmer

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Full Body Harmer
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Knight Errant
Turm Falke
Woman From Another Place
Casualties and losses
Lots of enemies were hugged and hurt in the running of this run


Carlos Mercer has a hot tip for the runners on where they can pick up gear a'plenty! He only asks they further his cause with trying to get him into Lone Star by reminding "Dandy" Dale Hardin and Legion of their promise.


Once upon a time, the daughter of a Lone Star corp exec got into the mainframe and dumped everything she could on the net that seemed even remotely embarrassing for those in power. This included the records of one Frederick Mercer - who it turns out had been having a torrid affair with his secretary. Lone Star seemed to go on a mass termination phase over the leaks for anyone without friends to help secure their place. The Lone Star blacklist includes the current generation of terminations and all living relatives. This was much to the dismay of a young Carlos Mercer, who had had big dreams of joining Lone Star.

Carlos moved to Seattle in hopes of joining Knight Errant to live out his detective aspirations. Instead, he ended up a middling security guard for a subsidiary. A chance encounter with runners has rekindled Carlos's hope of maybe wiping his data from Lone Star so he can apply under a fake ID! In an effort to help coax the runners to help him out some more, Mercer is now giving out hot tips on places to hit that are under Knight Errant's "protection".

The Meet

The runners met with Mercer on the outskirts of town. Executioner ended up picking everyone up, though refused to drive and instead sat in the back seat with a dry erase board. Well, except for Turm Falke who just flew there, being a bird.

Carlos offered the information to the runners free of charge. He gave them the security layout, the location, and the forces they might be up against. In return, he just asked the runners put in a good word with "Dandy" Dale Hardin about getting him into LoneStar.

The Plan

The plan was to scope the place out and make a move when it seemed to be the most conducive to. Woman From Another Place would provide Matrix support from inside the host, Pell would bust in the front, Executioner would start in the back, and Turm Falke would start in the center, being a bird and having the ability to fly into the warehouse. Turm Falke did bird things and cast mindnet so everyone could understand his birdliness. The host seemed to be more trouble than it was actually worth, but Woman From Another Place managed to neutralize most of the threats - including the turrets in the ceiling loaded with narcojet.

The Run

Executioner worked his way from the back, taking out a guard with a shotgun blow.

Turm Falke hugged a lot guards to the point of explosion.

Pell kicked in the front door and deftly took out the guards in the office.

Woman from Another Place kicked the front doors of the Matrix in so hard, they may never recover.

With so much of the legwork done for them, it was easy for the runner to go in and take whatever they wanted! It seemed this warehouse had been a holding area for a lot of gear confiscated by KE from people in the 'running business' so there was tons to choose from.


Executioner finally got off the farm.

Pell got some better armor.

Turm Falke got some narcojet.

Woman from Another Place got a sweet new ride and some fun fabric for her fun dress.


Run Reward:

Take 48,000 in gear - vehicles, armor, weapons, ammo, drugs, etc.

Syphilen  - 1 Karma

Everyone else - Base Full body armor

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


...I've had another warehouse raid, again. At least I don't have a dinky machine pistol or a borrowed sniper rifle this time. Turm Falke's rather messy, I'd rather not work with it (Him? Her? I don't know how to sex birds.) unless it's wetwork. Hope the receptionist isn't too shook up.

Turm Falke

The mice were good, even saw a raccoon but was already full. Over all a good place to fly in. I got some stuff, but I really don't know what to do with things. I just have no use for it.


I did it! I finally went out and managed to pull off a job in Seattle. And I have my own car now, so I don't have to borrow a truck form the farm. I was anxious, but everything went fine! Woman From Another Place and Pell seem nice, but I have concerns about birds now... I already worry about birds as government drones, but now magical assassins too? That kill for fun and have no sense of right or wrong? I'm one to talk, I guess, but I'm glad I didn't see what happened to those people in the warehouse...

Woman From Another Place

Ah, back to working directly against the police. Sucks the J wants to be Lone Star though... seems pretty dumb to want to get into a corp that ostracized your dad and is super racist. In any case... it's a shame I had to resort to the demons on this job. I must do better, and rely on them less.