Grimm Woods

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Grimm Woods
Factions Involved


Team is recruited by a Sapient Bandit to prevent a corporation from continued illegal forestry in the tiger mountain state park. Team brutalizes and scares off the entire team...who are then eaten alive by the forest.


Rocket Raccoon is a bandit who escaped from Proteus after numerous experiments designed to bring higher intelligence to less developed species. The end result was a success that resulted in Rocket Raccoon - who is now effectively tiger state mountain Lorax.

The Meet

Team meets up near welcome center for the forest, and sees Rocket texting them from a comlink.

The Plan

There was not much planning, as Wildman witnessed the guards of the illegal operation shooting a deer for fun. This resulted in the Bear adept charging.

The Run

Short and sweet, Wildman proceeds to maul one group of guards, Paladin proceeds to obliterate another group with quick strikes, Kera then proceeds to scare off the regular workers with illusions.


Workers run off into the forest or escape in vehicles. Most are eaten by the wilds, Rocket Raccoon now co-ops the buildings and equipment left behind for his growing den of Bandits and regular Raccoons.


Player After Action Reports (AARs)