Handshake Protocol

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Handshake Protocol
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Von Neumann
405 Hellhounds
Dr. Lollipop
A lot of 405 Hellhound Members
Casualties and losses
All of them
Dr. Lollipops Ascension Run


Dr. Lollipop is hired by von Neumann to collect bounty for 405 Hellhounds. Lollipop hires Godai for support but is not allowed to say anything about von Neumann. The two blow up the Hellhounds' clubhouse in Bellevue.


Von Neumann wants to earn money by collecting bounty for 405 Hellhounds

The Meet

Lollipop gets a call from an unknown number. Von Neumann answers and offers Lollipop a job. She is supposed to collect 405 Hellhound bounty. Von Neumann also offers a drone that is already waiting for her in Lollipop's yard (not scary at all). Lollipop agrees after some back and forth, but wants to call in another runner to be on the safe side. Von Neumann agrees, but demands that no one should know about him, which is okay with Lollipop. Lollipop sends a request via the Haven app and Godai answers. Both meet up with the drone, which has a SIN in the name of John Doe and the frightening ability to pose as a human, at The Daze.

The Plan

After getting some information about Matrix, the data from von Neumann and various contacts, the Runners decide to attack the 405 Hellhounds clubhouse in Bellevue directly. Unfortunately this is in a AAA zone. Therefore, a bot (Manta Ray) is procured via Mr. Cromwell that lies in the nearby lake and can be used to escape across the lake to Redmond. The Runners also procure explosives and plan to blow up the clubhouse. Lollipop is to scout first with her FlySpy where most of the members are to be found and Godai and John are then to sneak onto the premises to plant the bomb. Dr. Lollipop waits with her body in her VAN on the other side of the lake as a getaway driver.

The Run

All runners and the drone (John) are in position and Lollipop starts scouting the clubhouse. She is able to enter while a member goes outside to smoke and search all the rooms. She finds a good place to place the bomb at the entrance to cause the most damage possible. There are also large quantities of drugs in the clubhouse. Lollipop lands her drone near the entrance (in the workshop) and waits for the rest of the team. Godai and John manage to sneak up to the entrance and John starts planting the bomb. Godai can hear voices from inside coming towards the exit. Godai, John and Lollipop get ready to overpower whoever comes outside as soon as possible. They manage to take out the two 405 members silently. Lollipop lands her FlySpy on Godai and after John is done with the bomb he sneaks out of the compound. Godai uses the timer and runs as fast as he can to the boat. Since John was able to adjust the bomb quite well, it was much more effective than planned and pretty much destroyed the entire clubhouse. After the explosion KE is really alarmed. The runners hurry to get out.


Dr. Lollipop and von Neumann are in contact.


For Lollipop:

  • Mundane Ascension Rewards (5 RVP)
  • Von Neumann, 8/1 UNKNOWN (8 RVP)
  • 8,000 Nuyen (4 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

For Godai:

  • 10,000 Nuyen
  • Positive Quality: Drug Tolerant
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dr. Lollipop

Oh WOW where do I start? This drone was really interesting. She could just grow her skin back. Really cool stuff. Ok I don't need this for Mr. Big or Mr. Giant but it would be worth considering so I don't have to physically show up to a meeting anymore - sigh. Von Neumann is interesting but also kind of scary. He even managed to make this bomb so effective that it caused much more damage than planned. Not to mention his handling of the laser. Speaking of lasers, it's time for a new vehicle in which I can install the laser. Back to the workshop.