He is the storm that is approaching...

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He is the storm that is approaching...
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Nerlithothep the Succubus
Katherine Tyler
Son of Daâghon
Casualties and losses
Babylon's Ego, Wychking & Kate's sanity They slayed the beast...But now he still lurk...Somewhere.
Wychking IG


Wychking, Babylon and Kate follow lead about the discovery made at the Black Site (See The Womb of Demons AAR). They uncovered more than they excepected and have to face a really dire situation.

The Meet

In the files recovered from the Black Site, Wychking found a letter adressed to the now dead cult leader, the letter was from the cult leader's brother who condemened is action and his look in such knowledge. Fearing that the brother might be a leak of Forbidden knowledge Wychking decide to go with Babylon and Kate to Providence. As the letter sender Vigo Flamel, live there. After a travel through the UCAS with help of the Ancient, the team reach the university where Vigo work as an Hermetic teacher. Wychking made contact and while Vigo was glad to have such a visit he quickly change his mind when his brother was bring as a conversation topic, he said that the talk shouldn't be on the street, as indeed Kate saw an hooded figure lurking on them...Though she recognize it as Hank the PTT that actually bring the team to find out about the Black Site. After a quick discussion Hank is allowed to follow the runners if he behave.

At Vigo's place the discussion quickly reach a point where Vigo don't trust Wychking true intent and Wychking can't trust Vigo's word about him not being a cultist but as he is the host, Vigo ask for an act of good will. He pick up strange murders nearby in a town named Provincetown and claim to work for an organisation that fight cultist, accordingly he offer the runners to help him on this case, in exchange he say what he know and swear to help safeguard forbidden knowledge. The team is introduced to Special Agent Mullins and Anderson (One a regular agent the other is a seer) from the FBI they are working on their off time and sometimes use their influence to pull some string and get the edge on cultist. Hank also bring out Nerlithothep the Succubus and Babylon see that there is a link between the two.

The Run

The team got very fews information to start with, they know the name of the victims and that the coroner likely lied on the report of the death as he claim they have been attacked by wild animal where one could clearly see knife stab and other kind of similar wound. The team get to Provincetown after about an hour of drive and get the KE preccint with Wychking and the FBI agent getting the more attention they could to help Kate sneaking in the morgue to take picture of the last body who clearly shown knive wound and make picture with a magic quicksilver camera. She also hack the Coroner computer and found some hidden email that prove he has been blackmailed. Babylon by looking at the picture state that the cultist use blood magic and probably to enhance a ritual.

Runners then decide to pay a visit to the Coroner they find out pretty quickly by reading his aura that he is under a Geas and talking will make him die, though using a mind probe would probably work...The team take the risk and after stunning the poor guy they manage to search his mind, they realise he has been black bag by the cultist after he falsified the report and was force to make a Geas. A latter Augury & Divination from Wychking reveal that the ritual happened in a Metaplane as the cultist actually used an Astral Getaway somehow.

After a quick rest and some dating with the FBI from Babylon that lead her to some bedtime with Agent Anderson, get to talk to a Wild Spirit that say he could help in exchange for some help about a ward that block him from a place he liked to visit. Then the team split with Babylon looking around for Shadow taint and astral rift leftover with the help of Nerlithothep and Hank. With Wychking and Kate trying to figure the next move. The next move would then come to the team in the form of a call from Agent Mullins who say that they have been an abduction in town and well...They don't believe in coïncidence. The team reach them and with their help can get to a crime scene, who is a burned van that served through the kidnapping. Agent Anderson being a Seer she use psychometry on it and pick up a bit of a view of a Ford Americar and the licence plate. A quick call to the Bureau and they get an adress to go !

Sadly for the team they only found petty cultist at the place but they tell them that the others are on the coast performing a ritual to summon something...They tell the location and the team rush before it is too late. Soon they arrive on the beach, hearing singing in Enochian and a Background count rising and rising. Seeing that the sacrifice is still alive and could be saved, the team rush in, Hank slice through a cultist while Kate trauma patch the poor lady. Only the disruption of the ritual caused...Something. As the Ritual crumble upon itself and the pure magic energy was liberated through the body of cultist (who all died in a gruesome way.) Reality itself shattered as sky darkened and from the depth of the Metaplane of Shadow a creature like nothing else emerged, looking exactly like a Lovecraft creature would look, the air got colder, and as the best scream the whole area in which the team was standing seen the local background count rise to 14. Babylon could see the Succubus look both in fear and fascination at the beast, as Kate only manage to hold her ground thank to Guts. Hank and the Agents quickly put the sacrifice in a safe location as the fight began with the team lacking any buff or focus...

Kate struck the first blow and cut one of the tentacles of the C'thulu like figure, as Babylon seen the Succubus closing by and saying that this creature would fear light, willing to use Sun Bean, Babylon instead use Astral disruption as she was projecting. Wychking assaulted with a manabolt but couldn't make even a dent in the Son of Daâghon, the Corpse Spirit she bringed alongside her then charged and manage to hit the beast again. The Son of Daâghon not happy with this start then screamed as a Storm hit the team and everything in a 1.4 kilometers radius, the whole thing getting out of end Babylon tried to banish him to at least make of his power get away which she succeeded to do. Another blow from Kate force the Son to recklessly cast an heal on himself and a Chaotic World on the team but Kate managed to see through it. As Wychking came by to help her with an Analyse Device. Without his powers though, the Son was considerably weakened but he was still a powerful foe, as Wychking and Kate tried to bring him to his end...Suddenly the Beast extended his claw and struck Kate, with so much strengh that blood splattered all around..Where Wychking, wounded herself was standing. The runners were starting to losing it, the speed of the Son of Daâghon was too great and he would have a chance to kill the runners...But then Kate digged in her last reserve and her last chance to struck, manage to kill the creature.


Everything was calm again, only the breath of the runners could be heard, the sound of the waves crashing on the coast. Then realisation of the issue with Wychking, the runners with the help of the Agent spent four days to purge the two strain of HMMV in Wychking body even getting a bit of help from Vigo Flamel himself who also offered to be the runners host for a week so they could get proper rest.

After this week he finally have a real talk about the recent event. Other cultist have been arrested thank to a testimony from the abducted lady (she did lie to help the FBI get on the cultist that weren't at the ritual.) As it seems that some local rich guys with magic ability got into Elder God Magic. He also thank the runners for their presence and expose that he is part of a secret organisation that has people in official agency around the UCAS to fight the cultist and prevent them from doing anything bad. They call themself Delta Green, and due to their performance runners are offer a place in the organisation or at least should accept to give a number so they can be contacted again.

Wychking and Kate accept the deal while Babylon carefully avoid getting into those topics...Then the team leave Providence and everyone get back to their activity in a better world, but with that fear that somehow the beast is not permanantly dead.


Run Reward "He is the storm that is approaching" Run time (9 hours so 42 RVP Total)

30 Karma (30 RVP)

12k nuyens from "Bounties of the FBI" (6 RVP)

14 CDP (6 RVP)

Initiation Run for Wychking

Babylon can pick History is not certain as we thought (with 1 rank in Horrors) 😉

Wychking and Kate can take a rank in Horrors

+1 Wild rep

-10 Elder God Cultist

Optional reward :

For Kate : 2 rank of Magic Resistance (12 RVP) or Adrenalien Surge (12 RVP)

For Wychking : Drug Tolerant & Solid Rep (FBI) (8 RVP)

Nerlithothep the Succubus (1/4) (4 RVP) Kate can get 5 Loyalty with her

Hank (1/3) (3 RVP)

Vigo Flamel (TBD Connection 7/8 with loyalty 3) (9/10 RVP)

Also maybe the Two FBI Agent if anyone want to pick it

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