Here In My Garage

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Here In My Garage
GMDisco Goblin
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Cherry Bomb
Damien Sanchez
Casualties and losses
Damien's SAAB Dynamit


Cherry Bomb receives a warm welcome to the Ancients, which involves a shock hand to the face and being press-ganged into stealing a SAAB Dynamit.


A week ago, Cherry Bomb attempted to steal Voltage's bike, Caroline, from where it was parked outside the Daisy Chain. While she was able to hack past the R2 anti-theft system with ease, she couldn't outrun the angry razorgirl who chased her down and rewarded her with a high-voltage punch to the face. Since then, she's been tied to a chair in Voltage's kitchen as Voltage has tried unsuccessfully to convince her to join the gang.

The Meet

It's roughly Day 7 of Voltage's thus-far futile attempts to convince Cherry to join the gang, and she's out buying a Party Pack of tacos from a nearby Taco Temple for them to share. While there, Voltage meets St@b, a teenage Ancients hopeful and a much more compliant hacker, and promises her an in to the gang if she hands over some of the Diablo Sauce packets she's hoarding.

Back at home, Voltage and Cherry end up in a verbal altercation that ends in yet another high-voltage slap to the face. It's loud enough to alert Babylon, who's at the clubhouse bar down the hall, and she comes in to offer Cherry a reprieve from the torture; either she can make Cherry forget any of this ever happened and turn her loose, or she can give her an opportunity to put her talent to good use. Cherry chooses the latter option, much to Babylon's delight, and the black mage tells her that she'll induct her into the gang if Cherry can steal a nice car for her. The only catch is that she doesn't have a particular car in mind; Cherry will have to find that car herself, and it will have to meet Babylon's standards. Good luck!

The Plan

Cherry begins prowling the Matrix in search of nice cars to steal while Babylon and Voltage make out/nap on the couch. With Gomorrah's help, Cherry eventually settles on a SAAB Dynamit that belongs to Damien Sanchez, a MeFeed influencer and all-around rich drekbag who lives in a Spinrad-owned apartment complex in Downtown. The building isn't too heavily secured, and its automated garage lift system should be relatively easy to hack into so that Cherry can get it out. Babylon deems the car an acceptable choice, and Voltage--the best wheelwoman of the group--offers to drive it out. Gomorrah will accompany them to take care of any magical security and help with social infiltration, and they'll park the car at a Downtown safehouse to ride out any resulting heat from the job.

The Run

At the border checkpoint going into Downtown, trouble immediately arises when Voltage's SIN gets flagged as a fake. She revs Caroline's engine and speeds through the checkpoint gate anyway, managing to get through before it closes and evade the cops, but both she and Cherry know this is going to cause problems.

On the way into the apartment complex, Gomorrah tells the security guard that they're going in to meet their friend Damien, and when asked why they're not going in through the front, Voltage tells him they're planning to surprise him and also really want to check out the totally nova ride he's got. Her enthusiasm about the car is enough to actually make the lie convincing--impressive, because she's a terrible liar--and he lets them in. Cherry threads a Resonance Veil on the SIN scanner on the door to make it accept Gomorrah's SIN and convince it that Voltage is flying a SIN (which is totally real and legal).

The trio stands off to the side in the parking garage, and Voltage and Gomorrah prop Cherry up while she hacks into the apartment building's host. First, she has to find out which unit Damien lives in--which she does successfully--but before she can hack the elevator system to bring the car out, the spider notices her and the two engage in cybercombat. Cherry compiles a F6 fault sprite, and the two exchange a number of near misses before Cherry finally fries his deck with a blast from a massive digital Roman candle.

Just when Voltage remarks that she's been in VR for quite a while, Cherry finally gets the elevator system hacked and dispenses the car. The three of them watch it come down to the entrance, but there's one small problem-- the car is running, and Damien is inside. Without hesitation, Voltage rushes the driver's side door. Cherry unlocks it, and Voltage pulls it open, swiftly grabbing Damien by the throat with her shock hand, instantly knocking him unconscious, and deposits him on the ground out of the way of the vehicle. She tells Cherry to get in while Gomorrah retreats to the Astral, and she immediately floors it, does a burnout to taunt the KE officers stationed outside, and zooms off at top speed toward their safehouse.


The Dynamit is dangerously fast, and nobody is able to catch up with them. Still riding the adrenaline high after parking in the safehouse garage, Voltage and Cherry make out.

Once the heat dies down and Babylon claims her stolen car, Cherry can't help feeling a little resentful that she doesn't get to enjoy the fruits of her labor, and finds herself watching with jealousy as the Dynamit drives away.


  • 10 karma (10 RVP)
  • 4 CDP (1 RVP)

For Cherry Bomb

  • Optional quality: Instinctive Hack at chargen price (2 RVP)

For Voltage

  • Optional quality: Daredevil at chargen price (6 RVP)
  • Optional contact: St@b at 1/3 (3 RVP)

For Babylon

  • 44k in gear rewards towards a yerzed out SAAB Dynamit

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


HAHAHAHA, that was AWESOME. I've stolen cars before but like, never any that were this cool or this FAST--like, I didn't even know that was possible.

But yeah, I think I did pretty good findin' Cherry and bringin' her in, and she's a pretty damn good hacker when she's actually hacking for your side. The crew's definitely gonna be on the up and up now that we've got more local Matrix support, and I'm sure Freya's gonna yell at us a lot less frequently now too. Now, I just gotta figure out how to get Cherry to like me; it ain't like we're at odds anymore now that she's in the gang, so how come she doesn't wanna be friends yet?


You know, I think this new recruit is going to work out nicely. Bit of an attitude on her, but I like an attitude, and she clearly has good taste in cars. It was rather nice acting as Ms. Johnson and sending them off to steal it for me, I could really get used to this... but for now I think it's time to go drive around in this stolen car at dangerously unsafe speeds. I'll just have to keep it away from Cherry, I think she's got her eye on it.