Hot-rods Don't Steal Themselves!

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Hot-rods Don't Steal Themselves!
Part of 24 Karat Magic
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Hotrod Henry
Roadkill (Inactive)
Casualties and losses
Andres Hernandez, Alicia Mendez?, the uggliest car ever


Hotrod Henry requested some Haven runners to help get him get his hands on some gear, find a missing mechanic, and eliminate some neighborhood competition.


Andres Hernandez fancied himself a better mechanic than Henry. This rivalry had gone back a long time before Henry ever joined the 24 Karat Crew. Andres had gotten his hands on some parts that would make quite the splash - but being the kind of person he was, he ran his big mouth and a mechanic with the 24 Karat Gang by the name of Ivan Petrov heard the exchange. Petrov immediately let Henry know, but not before Alicia Mendez, long time girl-friend and prime body guard of Hernandez, overheard. She put the mechanic in pretty bad shape before he got away and hid with his girl friend, LeAnna Popova. Henry, after not hearing from Petrov, began to fear the worst and tried to very nonchalantly hire some runners to find his friend.

The Meet

Hotrod Henry invited the runners to "The Pride", the gang's bar headquarters in Touristville. He outlined the situation while sweating bullets: Hernandez had something he wanted and he offered the runners first choice of the hardware if they found it, took Hernandez for long enough to get the gear, and possibly save his mechanic. He very much downplayed the missing mechanic to not arouse anyone's (including his own gang) suspicions. The group agreed to help and set out to track down Hernandez, his stash, and his crew. Hotrod Henry just hoped they got there in time.

The Plan

The plan was simple: Track down Hernandez and get him away from everyone. Once alone, he would make much easier prey.

The Run

Turul did a lot of physical infilitraion of the trailer park, with the help of Shamrock's spirit. He managed to peak in everywhere he could and finally found both Hernandez and Petrov. He relayed back to the team where everyone was. Crossfire, Rainmaker, and Shamrock decided to try and challenge Hernandez to a race for pink slips. Roadkill made his way to where they intended the race to end and planted a grenade in the pavement while trying to duck the guards around the warehouse.

It didn't take much for Hernandez's infamous pride to over rule Alicia's premonitions that this was a trap. The pair left for the race, leaving it open for Turul to help extract Petrov and Popova. Unfortunately, just as Hernandez left, a roadmoaster pulled in - most likely to ensure that no one left while the boss was gone. Shamrock remained at the trailer park as well - through some swift action, she took out a couple of guards while Turul got everyone in the car.

The race went as expected. Rainmaker was just much better suited to this than Hernandez was and it showed - easily did the rigger outstrip him. One Rainmaker was over the finish line, Shamrock's spirit cast Accident in the form of a very large tree that simply grew out of the pavement. Both Hernadez and Mendez are presumed dead as a result.

Quick action by Crossfire sent a drone back to take on the roadmaster. Crossfire let those in the Roadmaster know that the gang leader was dead - and as predicted, the gang kind of fell apart. The gangers left peacefully. Turul and Shamrock got Petrov and Popova out with little fuss.


Andres Hernandez and the threat he posed to Hotrod Henry were no more.

Ivan Petrova recovered from his injuries and moved the heck out of the hell hole he was calling home. Once more secure, he finally proposed to his girlfriend. The pair plan to be married later this year.

The 24 Karat Crew gets an influx of new vehicle and drones.


  • Turul gets an AK-98 with some pretty sweet ammo
  • Everyone gets Hotrod Henry as a 3/1 contact
  • +1 Rep with the 24 Karat Crew
  • 60,000 nuyen in gear rewards targeted towards vehicle/drones/vehicle modifications.  If you spend less than 60,000, take the difference and divide by two as straight nuyen.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Any run where I get to watch Rainy demolish a guy in a race and get paid in stuff is a good run.


I just got paid in rocket launchers to have a street race and watch some asshole's disgusting looking car blow up with my girlfriend, what else could a girl ask for?


Shame I didn't saw the race, but someone had to make sure to get that bloke safely out of the house. Maybe they recorded it. But the money was very nice, and Henry seems a nice enough guy.