I'm a real executive now!!!

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I'm a real executive now!!!
Part of The Farm and The Furious
Against all odds - The OtherCon story
Factions Involved
Good Boy
John from IT

The Team

Good Boy, Santesso, JohnFromIT, Roadie and Catseye


Mr. Johnson wants the runners to secure the VIP (Mint), make sure she gets to the meeting place safely and that her meeting goes without incident.

The Meet

The meet was a fairly simple one, the team discussed the details of the run over coffee and tea with the Johnson, recieving the necessary data about the location along with a few fly spy drones to keep an eye on the place, payment was agreed to be 8k nuyen in total, half at the start and the rest upon completion with 2k extra as hazard pay.

The Plan

Arriving at the designated place, the team started doing a full sweep for any discrepancies, John provided matrix support, Good Boy had the astral plane covered, Santesso was in charge of the drones while Catseye and Roadie would take care of meat space.

Upon arrival, the team discovered bugs installed in the conference room along with signs of tempering with the building´s security sensors and spirits watching the astral plane, using these as lead they managed to track the rival runner team and Catseye, in a sign of professional courtesy, suggested that both teams avoided stepping on each others toes and keep it professional.

The team also discovered that Mint would be talking to someone named Tania and that News Van Dan would be also there to provide footage of the meeting.

The Run

The team picked up Mint and safely brought her to the meeting place but with some good perception tests discovered that a van was following them, the van turned out to be the backup of the rival team and after trying, to no avail, to contact them the runners were forced into action.

Good Boy and Roadie followed the van into a nearby parking lot with John and Santesso providing support/information and Catseye providing instructions, in an incredible display of doge cuteness (along with some magical shenenigans)Good Boy managed to disable four heavely armed trolls by giving an uncontrolable urge to pet the dog, meanwhile Roadie just climbed on the van and retrived any weapons and gear that could be dangerous to the mission.

The team later discovered that the Neo Haven runners had installed explosives on the site, John hacked used the explosives as a bridge to the hostile decker´s deck and disabled them.

Being there in an official capacity gave the team the advantages they needed as after having a polite *conversation* convinced the Neo Haven runners to surrender, leaving them in the care of the local KE guards, in total 7 arrests were made and the meeting went without further complications.


With the end of the meeting and the operation being considered a resounding success the team decided was paid in full (plus the hazard pay) and donated the adquired gear to the farm along with the raw footage of the meeting (courtesy of Santesso). Mr. Johnson was satisfied and Mint in high spirits.


10,000 nuyen 8 karma OPTIONAL: Mint (3/2) for 4 RVP, News Van Dan (3/2) for 4 RVP, Tanya (2/2) for 3 RVP, 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


A clean and professional run, everyone in the team complemented each others skill set making sure that we had every possible angle covered, we also helped a friend, which is always nice.


I've never teamed with a magical dog before. I mean, most magic kind of makes me want to claw out the back part of my brain, but a sapient dog with mojo is...wow. Still...I just...want...to pet him....


It was a good run. Only mininal amount of people scream at me, I follow orders really well and I also didn't almost die.