It Belongs in a Museum 2: Archaic Boogaloo!

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It Belongs in a Museum 2: Archaic Boogaloo!
Part of The Cutter's Curator
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Professor Simeon Jones
A bunch of dead guys
A bunch more dead guys who were kicking an old man


Roadie, Koi, Dr.Trauma and Slinger save Professor Simeon Jones from the cutters.


In an earlier run, another team, including Roadie, stole a bunch of old 5th world tech from the Cutters. The Cutters are now carrying out their revenge.

The Meet

No real meet, the runners just show up outside the museum in Roadie's roadmaster, crushing one ganger in the process.

The Plan

Not much of a plan either, just "shoot them until they die".

The Run

The runners show up outside the museum and go in guns blazing. They make quick work of the 8 gangers stationed outside the museum, and sneak inside to get the drop on the gangers that are currently kicking the professor while he's down. In 10 seconds another 8 gangers are dead, and the runners kick the final surviving ganger around a bit, to give him a taste of his own medicine. They help the professor up, and Dr. Trauma notices a molotov fly in though a small window, which lights the place ablaze. Roadie runs back to his roadmaster and gets a fire exinguisher, which the runners use to slow the fire down long enough to be able to grab a few 5th world artifacts from the museum's displays before running to safety. Once outside, everyone laments the loss of the museum, and Roadie hooks the Professor up with Mint so he can get a new building to start over in.


The Professor's old museum, and most of the technology housed within was destroyed, but a small amount was saved and Roadie connected him with Mint to get a new place set up for a new museum.


16,000 nuyen

2 karma

Professor Simeon Jones as a 3/1 contact

2 cdp

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


im glad we made it in time. also glad roadie let me keep some of his APDS rounds, not so glad how that one ganger was willing to nearly flatline me while i was in a brawl with the gangers trying to prevent the good professor from being assaulted, however he did kill one of his friends so i am glad for that. I also felt pretty useful in organizing my omae's in sneaking through that place after we cleared the welcoming party. sadly all the professor hard work went up in flames but...7 times down 8 times up. im sure he can recover, and speaking of so should I. doctor gotham is going to have at least two days company with me as he picks these slugs out of me, Kamigami no daminto


A nice, simple run taking out some wrongdoers. The dragonslayer seems satisfied with my performance. While it's unfortunate the museum burned down at least we were able to save a small bit of the collection, and get the professor a new place to start again in.


Shame what happened to that man's museum but at least he lived and everyone got out safely, though we did manage to save some stuff.


Well, we did everything we could and I am glad we got the poor Professor out in one piece, but still... to look at someone´s eyes and as they watch their life´s work literally go up in flames is heartwrenching...