Judge them early.

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Judge them early.
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Sexy Bonsai


Seem like the catholic church and one of their nuns wanted to strike at one of the gangs in Seattle, likely to have them pay...even if it's just small fish.


The Disassemblers are one of the nastiest gangs in Seattle Downtown, and of course, they would make enemies with people due to their actions, and who knew, that a former shadowrunner and now nun would like to get some payback.

The Meet

They wouldn't meet close to the main Seattle Catholic Church insert name here because not very familiar with the actual domination and other important things. or they would arrive at a small cafe that has two securities outside belonging to the church and where they would meet the Johnson inside. clearly, she became annoyed towards one of the runners due to their disrespect and would pass out a bit of information she knew of course.

The Plan

What's a bit amazing searching they would be able to identify and locate the basic generic area where the gang was operating. of course, they would eventually hatch a plan of asking some local children who would point them towards the ancients who always have a disagreement with assemblers you know rival gang and stuff, they would set up a diversion for the runners to deal with the dissemblers at one of their bases

The Run

it seems the disassemblers have picked up a few mages, mainly those of the animal type to help guard their places. the runner would attack the gang and break out in a shootout, during the course of the battle a few preps were used and a rocket was fire, which lead to KE sending in an HTR with a few magical units...seem like the runners did not clean up their astral signs. over all gang dealt a tiny wound.


After a while the Ancients would try to move in to take over the now empty bar, the runners get away for now...who knows will be in the future for them. and lastly, a week later, a body would be found dumped in a dumpster with red cyber hands.


16k (RVP 8}

5 Karma

Optional: Sister Hana: at 3/3 for everyone (5RVP) for Saalihah 3/1

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Sexy Bonsai

So we meet this nun at this cafe and she's kinda hot and totally into me, you can just tell you know? There's all this weird sexual tension. You know that tension that all Catholic chicks have and is common knowledge? Yeah that one. Anyway there's this drekky dude who kidnaps people and steals their 'ware and shit, works for the dismantlers, disassemblers? Some small time shit, not like the 'Gumi.

Anyway so yeah I find the dude, the Face convinces some elven kids to cause a distraction or something. Then we rock up to this bar and I cover their asses while they murder everyone and grab Bloodhand, oh that was the dude's name. Yeah they grab Bloodhand and give him back to the nun who goes to town on him with a baseball bat. Like I said, kinda hot.


It was a pretty simple op. Grab the bad guy, kill his goons, save the victims if possible. There was a mind mage though, and that lunatic almost got me, but my team took him down before he could get too far into my head. That felt gross, and I really don't want a repeat of it. There was also this crazy wolf thing that came running at a few of us, and then took off like a bat out of hell. After we captured blood hand, our alchemist kept slapping him with these nausea spells, and I'm pretty sure he threw up in his FBA several times. I don't envy him, but that sick S-O-B deserved it, so good on her for laying down the hurt.

Would have been great if practically the whole team didn't start talking about how "sexually repressed" catholic girls are. I think I probably made it worse when I protested and said I was a catholic girl myself. I should probably reconnect with that nun in the future, though, she seemed like a nice lady and I feel bad for not saving her contact info to avoid being teased more.


She says not to hate shifters, not to be as oil and water with them. And then I see a toxic mage shifter working for the Dismantlers, the unabashed uncontested worst people in Seattle by a country mile. What am I to think? That was one of my best triple headshots to date. I had to play the ancients off the disassemblers to find out where they were, but my sperethiel is perfect and no one ever questiosn the handsome dryad with greed highlights on his suit. We got the rescue off with the heaviest tactical assault we could muster in broad daylight. Luckily someone managed to keep the cops off of us long enough to escape.