Knight Errant: The Thin Green Line

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Date: 2081-12-04 By: Santesso


An innocent man sits in a cell today, chummers. His empty sockets stare back at you in an ironic homage to Lady Justice, bereft of the cybereyes that once inhabited their depths because Knights Errant on the scene “misplaced” them. Cybereyes that might have contained evidence of this man’s innocence. Yet Knight Errant has no interest in such paltry matters as innocence or guilt. This man--Jason Barnes, an advocate for the charitable organization Mothers of Metahumans and one of the infected--was found unconscious at the scene of a murder. The body had been fed upon. An open and shut case, right? For KE, the answer is yes--unless that case is a briefcase full of money. It is well established that KE is motivated by nuyen, not justice. Our blind lady’s scales do not weigh innocence and guilt, but profit and loss. This reporter has it on good authority that Barnes was drugged and dropped on the scene after the murder. It is a matter of public record that he told officers there was a gap in his memory from approximately 2 hours before he came to at the scene of the crime. Did our good friends at KE run a toxicology test, however? Examine any sensory data recorded on the cybereyes before “misplacing” them? Hell, even swab the inside of Barnes’s mouth for the victim’s DNA? This man—and he is a man, despite what Knight Errant and the less tolerant among us would have you believe—has spent his life fighting for the rights of the disenfranchised. Yet there he sits, soon to be swept through the justice system and into whatever prison corp refuse bin bids the most for his withered frame. Because there is no profit in doing even the bare minimum anymore. Not for KE.

>> What a load of drek. “Misplaced”. I’m sure some black market street doc “misplaced” a fat wad of nuyen into those officers’ bank accounts, too. - News Van Dan

>> There’s a bigger picture, here. I’ve got a source inside who said the victim showed signs of heavy DNA masking. Why frame an overworked lawyer for the murder of a John Doe with enough motivation and money to use genetech to disappear? Some corp’s got their stink all over this. - EyesWide

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