Live Fast, Die Young

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Live Fast, Die Young
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Casualties and losses
A bunch of guards, Corey


The job went south when it turned out that a toxic mage was the extraction target, and an especially obnoxious one at that. After realizing that he also had her astral signature, flare killed him rather than allow hom to perpetually threaten her and her family, much to the annoyance of the rest of the team.


A toxic mage named Corey Campbell was doing research into a suspiciously toxic-looking magic drug for EVO, and Ares wanted a piece of it.

The Meet

The meet was somewhat unprofessional, as the J stuck out like a sore thumb in the seedy bar they met in, and decided to do novacoke after it had concluded right in front of the runners.

The Plan

Locate Core Campbell and extract him, preferably alive.

The Run

While doing recon to locate Corey with a spirit using search, Flare's astral signature was compromised. However, collectively the team got ahold of the floor puns and his location. As they infiltrated, Corey's spirits displayed some hostility towards Flare's spirits. The team successfully managed to break into the building and get to Corey without detection, finding he had already killed 2 people, much to Flare's anger. When all hell broke loose and guards started running, Corey's spirits attacked Flare's over a miscommunicated instruction, leading to Corey's death and a brief berserker rage from Flare. The team still managed to recover the research. The team managed to dispatch the remainder of the guards and escaped relatively unscathed.


The J was unhappy, but still paid a good chunk of the promised 10k nuyen in exchange for the research data.


7k nuyen - 3.5 RVP 6 karma - 6 RVP 9 CDP - 4.5 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I get the feeling the team is mad at me, but I did what I had to do. Putting aside that Corey was toxic in both a literal and figurative sense, he also geeked my spirit and got my astral signature. Even if it has some consequences now, keeping my family safe is more important.


I'm a person who follows the job to the letter, not dealing with an idiot. who cares about what they feel, if they can't handle running in the shadows, then don't let it hit other people's reps. overall it was working out fine, till everything went south. The rest of the time were able to hold their own and...dealing with a toxic mage, strange but at least his info can make a good amount of money