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Rigger log/Int
MetatypeElf (Surge Bird)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.Character's Date of Birth
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - B
Number of Runs:4
# Initiations6

Character Information


Something went wrong inside of her test tube and well now she is a social butterfly not knowing why she was made in the first place.


Become known world wide

Make a lot of money


Log Report #10 subject/55 Ave Maristella

the latest report that the subject has developed and managed to infiltrate its way into the Seattle shadowrunner community, they have proven to be a valuable asset. the subject is to be monitored from a distance and not interacted with unless by the subject's own volition to make sure we do not compromise what data we can gather from subject 55 actions among more unsavory deniable assets.

previous document of basic information on the subject 55

Subject 55 was part of a batch of 60 individuals that were being created as part of a means to create artificial life as a means to infiltrate social societies and other important information gathering sources. the drawback due to new management and the changing of the program declaration is that she has been picked as one of the assets that we can freely allow to go about their day without them falsifying or disclosing private information that would be detrimental to our achievements. Furthermore, Any observation of subject 55 should be limited at most to prevent blowing its cover or having other individuals catch on that this is not a normal member of society, repeat limit any form of contact with subject 55 should be limited and only if reach out to Personnel directly should also be watchful of their actions and what they're requesting aid. End of Report

Log Report:60

It appears that the subject has also developed a personality of having an online persona which proves to be beneficial towards Spinrad's popularity on the few small channels, should be mindful of what the subject is doing and not spread too much personal information. End of report

Log Report:200

subject 55 has started to show a habit of going dark constantly cutting off formal communication with even mandated personnel for regular check-ins. the information file is non-important due to past records with subject 55. End of report.

Log Report: 2 Subject refuses to use original designation of 55, now has requested to either use its shadowrunner identity or the name that it was given by its destination of being “born”. End of Report

Narrative Significant Qualities


CHangeling Class II


Prototype transhuman

Too pretty to hit

Watch the suit

Steely-Eyed Wheelman


Addiction (Mild) (Long Haul)

Day job (20hours) Streamer

Distinctive Style

Poor self-control (thrill Seeker)

Sinner (Corporate) (Spinrad Globel)


Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Roc Falls, Everybody Gets Bamboozled'Edward27 August 2083
The Secret Ingredient is KRIMEIsaac13 August 2083
Return Of The Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken: Delivery EditionAurora7 July 2083
Live Fast, Die YoungAurora23 June 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Julian Cross 3 3 Fixer Club Hopper I Know A Guy, Name your price, Night Owl, Word of Mouth Even
Edmond Beaulieu 4 2 Gear Boutique Owner Boutique Owner, Clothing Design, It'll Keep You Safe, It'll Look Good, Too!, Yeah, I can add that on for you. Even
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III 4 3 Networking CorpKid Party all Night... What time is it?, Everybody's Friend., Did Someone say Drugs?, Brodie J IN THE HOUSE!, Ride Wrecked? Brodie J's got it!, Oh yeah! I have a job!, Good looks, Money, and a savant-level understanding of rocket physics Even
Carl the Medic Fox 1 3 Service Medic on Call Example Negative Aspect, Street Vet, Doctor's Oath Even
Handy Andy 4 4 Fixer(G,A,K,N) Neo-A Weapons Dealer Black Star Fixer, Community Weapons Manager, Have You Considered Something a Bit Bigger?, The Best Stuff's In The Back, Stay Safe Out There! Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

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SpinRad Globel Ave Maristella #055

Jessica Black UCAS R4



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