Return Of The Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken: Delivery Edition

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Return Of The Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken: Delivery Edition
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Taco Temple
Aiden Brett
Gramsey Roden


The runners reck havoc in a Taco Temple and get an extra large party plate of Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken and extra Special for a sewer elf.


The Meet

The team meets the J in a Drainage Pipe, where he just slept. Lenny The Screw is carving for an extra large portion of the Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken and is willing to pay 2k for each of them to get some.

The Plan

A plan to go shopping?

The Run

The 3 of them arrive at the Taco Temple. There they find Gramsey Roden, a health inspector, who wants to shut down the place for not conforming to the cooking time standards of fake lamb.

Having the place shut down would mean no nachos, which is bad, so the team decides to do a bit of chaos. Roc streams the situation and does anti Taco Temple and pro Spinrad propaganda. Wile Heracles hacks the health inspector's car to drive into the place, after Rurosha smashes the windows in.

The result is a hefty argument between Aiden the manager and Gramsey, much to the suffering of the staff who get screamed at, and the customers not being served. Seeing this chaos Rurosha decides to distract the woman behind the counter by calling for the manager and then starts to argue with the manager to keep his attention. Roc and Heracles make the nachos themselves in the meantime, putting an extra amount of drugs (special ingredient) into the sauce. After that the team leaves to get away from Karens that want the nachos too.

Lenny is satisfied with his order and pays the team.



2k nuyen - 1 RVP

2 karma - 2 RVP

4 CDP - 2 RVP


-5 Aztechnology Rep

+5 Spinglobal Rep

(For making Taco Temple look bad)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That was a wild night to get some tacos. Apparently they had drugs in them, from what the others say?


That's was something else...never thought of such a chaotic thing that can happened...