Lookin out for Number 1

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Lookin out for Number 1
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Alice Kane
Some Fucker with a crow mask.
Dezeroth A'kyer
Ty Vallynn
Crow Thief
Orc Buddy 1
Orc Buddy 2
Casualties and losses
Dezeroth's Furniture and windows. everything
Fucker had it coming


At a party, at the home of Dezeroth A'kyer, many people showed up to socialize and network, but a man in a crow mask had other plans, attempting to steal instead. Having pissed off a lot of people over the years, some runners at the party decided to take care of it personally. They proceeded to hunt him down with extreme prejudice, drag him back home, and sell him off to the people he's pissed off.


Dezeroth A'kyer decided to throw a little party for networking, but a mysterious thief with a crow mask decided to crash it, masquerading as belonging there. after a moment he snuck into other areas and attempted top steal from Dezeroth A'kyer, but he was noticed. He escaped the combat after taking several heavy wounds.

The Meet

The rest of the partygoers came to investigate, and when the results were revealed, Alice Kane, one of the partygoers, decides to offer a reward to collect the things he's stolen, and provide proof that he's been taken care of. Fluster, Dezeroth A'kyer, and Ty Vallynn decide to take her up on that, and head out to go birdshooting.

The Plan

The plan ended up being exceptionally simple. Because the Crow had been shot with an alchemical preparation, they just followed him back to his hiding place, creating several more preparations for the upcoming events. Fluster ended up just waiting in the car to provide social control when the inevitable gunfight started on the top floor of the building they found him in.

The Run

headed to the top floor, another preperation was used to make the inhabitants of the room head out and open the door, to avoid the locks. what they didn't know is that the door was boobytrapped, which cause the frag grenade go off in the crows face when he opened the door. He had friends, but one of them was killed by the blast almost immediately. Ty Vallynn jumped through the window and proceeded to dispatch his friends while Dezeroth A'kyer hunted the Crow and shot him with another preparation round, through a wall. The Crow made it out of the building but the initial combat, the grenade, the second shot to the chest, and finally jumping out a 5 story building was too much for him and he finally went down without too much more trouble.


Fluster went ahead and smoothed out the situation on the first floor, shooing people away, then stole his cool crow mask. they took there target along with all the goods he stole to Alice Kane's home, where she happily paid them and "took him inside". All and all, a smooth run.


13 rvp total for bringing Crow in alive and retrieving stolen gear for Alice Kane.

10,000 nuyen 5 rvp

5 karma 5 rvp

8 CDP total 3 rvp + base 2 reward

Optional reward:

Alice Kane Contact at loyalty 1 as a 5/1 contact: 5 RVP of rewards.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dezeroth A'kyer

"You know, the boy might have broken into my house, but I would've been willing to show him the ropes of the shadows, had he simply surrendered. But once he escaped, well...Can't have a reputation for people getting the better of you in your own home. Not in the Shadows, anyway."


"Made out with like three people, got like seven numbers, and got a bitchen crow mask. it was a SWEET day"